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Firewall Pick


We have about 30 people in the office and we host two websites in the office.  One website may have around 30 concurrent users and the other will have 200 concurrent users, both sites will have heavy interactions with database, and we will have two lines, one is cabe, one is T1 to do the load balancing, in this case, any good suggestions for the firewall?

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mcrmgAuthor Commented:
also, those two webserver need to be placed in DMZ, and we will have heavy traffic between DMZ and LAN because we transfer a lot of files betweeb DMZ and LAN.....thx
Tim HolmanCommented:
Cisco PIX 515E should do the trick, as would any other firewall...  don't forget about the rest of your security though - a firewall is but a small component, bearing in mind most malware tunnels its way straight through port 80 anyway... ;)
mcrmgAuthor Commented:
The throughput wil be enough? (two sites plus the people in the office?)  thx
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Tim HolmanCommented:
Are you sure you need a specific firewall?  Most routers will support stateful ACLs these days anyway, and that's all that a firewall does, unless you look at extra features like IPS and AV.
how much traffic u expect at any point of time?
Also what do u plan for future...i.e in case u have more hits...u might req failover and other features....keep all this in mind?
u can compare cisco models here........models above 515E can be configured for failover..

u can also see Juniper network's Netscreen....its also a good product (though we are using only Nokia with Checkpoint)

Charanjeet Singh

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