I am rebuilkding my Dell PowerEdge 2650 servers. After using the Dell open Manager assistant to do the basics, i am supposed to insert the NW51SP8 CD  (I burned this ISO correctly it is supposed to have Netware 5.1 and support pack 8) INTO the CDROM drive and restart the machine.  When I do so, it starts but only installs what apprears to me to be only the support pack. When the install is complete I am left at the System Console Prompt.  However instead of it using my servers name, it has TEMPORARY:  As the prompt.  During the install it looks like it can find most of the files it needs. What am I doing wrong.  I have also tried just installing Novell Netware and adding the Service Pack 8. That is a problem as well, can't seem to find the correct volume name on the CDROM drive to load the service pack.  Any advice that can get me on the right track will be much appreciated.  My users are all using a temporary windows File server I built before the rebuild.  I need to get my Novell servers back online.
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First of all links:
NetWare 5.1 Support Pack 8 English-Deutsch Overlay CD with 128-bit encryption - File Name: nw51sp8ed.iso

NetWare 5.1 Support Pack 8 English-Español Overlay CD with 128-bit encryption - File Name: nw51sp8ee.iso

If you are a partner with Novell you can download
NetWare 5.1 SP8 Build 228 (Gold Master) - file name: NW51SP8_OVL_ED_228.iso
Login to Novell --> Download --> My Downloads --> Directed Downloads and look for 5.1 Gold Master.

Next, the install process - If the "Dell open Manager assistant" prompts for the NW5.1 disk while it's running, I would have considered to turn off the server completely and start with the NW5.1 disk inserted.
Don't be tempted to preconfigure, in 99.99% of the cases NetWare does the install better then any AI assistant (IMHO).
There is no such thing as installing only the service pack, so my guess is that there's a problem during the install, try changing your CDROM drive to Primary-Master.

To find out the volume name for the patch, you can use the following.

Insert the CDROM with the service pack.
At the service console (Ctrl+Esc then 1 then enter) type: VOLUMES
If you see a new VOLUME, that's it, skip to end, if you only see SYS and other DAS volumes, continue.
If you get an error in the form of [Not multiple] or "Module is allready loaded" don't worry, it means you allready have CDROM loaded.
Switch to the logger screen (Ctrl+Esc then 2 then enter) look for a yellow or green (I don't remember) message containing the CD volume lable.
Mount it.
If you are not sure what's the directory the patch is in, load monitor, go to "File Open/Lock Activity" you can browse your CD from there.
Then load NWCONFIG and install a product not listed from the CD volume .

I havn't seen NW 5.1 for a long time so if I'm a bit not accurate, let me know.
The problems  you're having are probably from using the server assistant as  dotENG alluded to.  Since this is an extension of your previous  post, I'm guessing you're trying it this way because you can't get the server to boot off the install CD?

You could create a DOS boot disk with the CDROM driver on it, and launch the install off the CD from the command prompt.
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