XP crashes when burning legit DVDs

My PC (Athlon XP1600 1.4GHz 768 MB RAM -- Windows XP Home SP2 -- NTFS drives) has started crashing whilst burning legit DVDs. How can I find out if it's the DVD Burner (2 months old Sony) or the OS?

Sometimes the DVD just half copies then spits out the media -- sometimes the whole PC crashes.
The legit DVDs I'm referring to are non copy protected videos professionally authored tutorial videos, which I have copied in the past.  

Here’s the Microsoft error message:
BCCode : 4e     BCP1 : 00000099     BCP2 : 00000000     BCP3 : 00000000    
BCP4 : 00000000     OSVer : 5_1_2600     SP : 2_0     Product : 768_1    


In fact since I had XP Home with SP2 installed and the drives re-formatted to NTFS there have been quite a few crashes apart from the burning in general use -- with that,"your computer has just recovered from a serious bla bla..." message.
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
fredshovel  are you Nero, there maybe a solution there as Nero does have some isues with xpsp2.
I had a similar problem upgrading to xpsp2, when I opened my Nero it stated this and recomended this update,
 produced a link and offered a 230 meg update for all parts of Nero.

Have a look in your events, control panel administrative tools > applications db click the error to bring up the panel with a brief description and and event id number post that back and we can look at it.
I'd look into the cdrom drive too as its fairly new, did you sit it on the correct ide cable.
Burning software can be finnacky about master slave positions.

What burning program are you using?
Probably either faulty memory or a driver issue, possibly with the burner.
fredshovelAuthor Commented:
Do you know how to troubleshoot this?
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Well, for starters, try running memtest86


If it's not the memory, it gets tricky.
fred, I hate to tell you this, but this is typical of HOME XP.  Can you upgrade to XP Pro without too much trouble expense?

If so, it is worth it, as home has lots of problems with networking, devices, and various hardware issues.  But if you are going to do this, it would be better to do a clean install of XP Pro, so as not to inherit the registry corruption of HOME.  

In general, Sony DVD burners are the most reliable you can get, I would NOT suspect the burner.  If you are getting other errors under XP Home, it is time to dump it.  That is what I would do, but do this first to save all data/files --

1.  copy entire C:\My documents directory to C:\Mydocs
2.  Copy C:\Program files directory to C:\orig-progs
3.  backup and other important user directories to another named DIR on the HDD.
4.  Copy C:\documents and settings\your-login\*.* to a different directory name

Use a XP PRo install CD, and tell it yhou want to install XP ANEW -- not upgrade from the previous install,  It will wipe out the my documents and program files, and your profile -- but that is OK, you saved them above to new directories.

When the clean install is done, carefully copy back the files and programs you need into my documents, and then reinstall the apps that wont run directly, and when reinstalled, copy back your settings files into Program FIles and documents and settings/your profile.  WHen done, I bet you everything will work OK.  It is about 3-4 hours of work.
Never upgrade windows to fix a problem without knowing what the problem is first.  There's a good chance the problem will follow you.  As for Sony's DVD burners being the most reliable, I'd need someone to prove that to me.  They're 'pretty', but I can't say much else for them.  It's unlikely that something creating a crash on Home wouldn't be a problem on Pro.
" Never upgrade windows to fix a problem without knowing what the problem is first."

What nonsense, we have done prob. 100+ reinstall fixes where the problem can NEVER be discovered by fiddling with windows, I just helped someone through one tonight, where we picked through the registry with a fine sieve, came up with nothing, but a repair install fixed it.  Sonys are the most reliable in repeated tests, just do careful research.  WE have no need to prove anything to you if you are not aware of the facts of different hardware.  Educate yourself.  

CC, you need to come into a question with some useful input that adds a different VALUE to the question -- not just disagree with the previous person comment.  I find your contrariness without valuable inpout offensive.
It's not my intention to offend, but to recommend someone reinstall windows every time they have a problem will never let them figure out what's actually wrong.  And upgrading windows to fix a problem without knowing what it is is an even worse idea.  In many situations, the problem simply follows and then you've spent money to upgrade to something that doesn't fix the problem.  And everything I've ever read on the matter has put Plextor at the top as far as reliability of dvd burners, not Sony.  And NEC is usually above Sony too.  So to say Sony is the most reliable is a pretty bold statement to make.  And I stand by my statement that something that crashes Home would not likely miraculously be fixed by upgrading to Pro.  

And you suggested upgrading to Pro, not reinstalling.  Why would it be a good idea to upgrade to Pro and spending the money without trying to reinstall Home first?  Especially when it could be a hardware issue that wouldn't be resolved? The value I'm adding is by pointing out the flaws in your method so that others who see it don't jump the gun with the trigger finger.  Scientific method exists for a reason.  
i would test the burner first on another PC, to be sure about it's status, before starting "fixing" things.
I use a Sony DVD re-writer and the I had a similiar problem. I was using cheap media to copy to, which would crash my PC. Changing your blank media could be a possibility?
Maybe it is related the BIOS firmware. The following case is also crashed with bugcheck 4E with BP1 x'99'.
That may well be caused by having installed a copy protected game or having inserted a copy protected music CD while autoplay was enabled (or having installed a special player necessary to burn songs from a CD). Those copy protection "tools" dig themselves so deep into the system that they can prevent burning legitimate copies as well. They use the same mechanisms to hide themselves as your everyday rootkit, so you might want to try what, for example, Sysinternal's Rootkit Revealer reports.
Many times problems with reading and writing with an optical drive are associated with a failing or insufficient power supply. Check out this calculator to see if you have enough power: http://www.jscustompcs.com/power_supply/

There may not be enough 'juice' to complete the burn...which is power intensive.

Even if the power seems sufficient, your PSU may be overstressed and failing. Try another PSU with enough power to see if your problem ceases.

Best of luck!
BTW--if this new DVD burner is an added drive, as opposed to a replaced drive......it truly points to an extra power load that your system can't handle.
. . "home has lots of problems with networking, devices, and various hardware issues" . .

Would it be posible for you to list a single device that Pro works with that Home does not? ? ?
fredshovel . .

Try disableing antivirus and firewall software to see if that makes a difference . . be sure to disconnect from the internet when you do this.

What software are you using to burn the DVD's
fredshovelAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, lots of good suggestions, which I am currently investigating -- but first
maramon may be on to something:

I did the PSU calculation and got about 266 watts. My PSU is 300W.
My calculation was a bit rough though as I wasn't sure about the RAM chips.
Would anyone like to do a power check?

AMD Athlon XP 1600
Gigabyte Motherboard GA-7ZXE
Via Kt133A AGPset
One single 40G hard drive
768M RAM (I'm pretty sure its PC 133 SD RAM)
One 5G USB Seagate pocket drive
External 300G Maxtor HD with own psu.
USB modem with own psu.
56K Modem
DVD/CD RW + - Dual Layer
3.5 Floppy
One PCI/USB card 4 ports
2 x 1.1 usb ports.
VTalk USB webcam with mic.
PSI Keyboard
PS/2 mouse (optical) USB/PS/2 converter
Firewire card (2 ports)
Standard Soundblaster soundcard
M-Audio 2496 Audiophile soundcard
Canon scanner USB


I believe it is the burner you are usng, you have  not supplied the program name you are using to burn dvd.
Some 3rd party burners just do not like xp sp2 and you woudl have to remove them or update them like Nero.
So now I'd like to ask which rom drive are you using to burn these cd, it should be the master rom drive only.
I would make this the master>> DVD/CD RW + - Dual Layer << if this is a dvd burner can also burn cd.
But do make sure you use the master rom drive to burn.
If you are >>> burning a dvd <<you will Need  >>Nero burning rom.<< Without it you cannot burn dvd only cd's.
This does not come with cdrw rom drives  only dvd burners. Otherwise you should have Nero Express which only burn to cd not DVD.
You maybe missing the win aspi some drives need this, and also it could be a cheap brand of dvd.

Lets test your drive another cool toy.

try using dvd shrink it does it all in one go. Good to use to backup your very good dvd so they are not damaged.
my calculations came to 230w for your computer. That is ok.
But I would unplug most USB devices when not in use. With the amount of ram you have I believe it is not really enough to run xpsp2 plus all these other hardware.

Please try this link yourself.
The more excess power the faster your machine, I dont think your ram is enough to be running windowsxp plus these external usb devices.

To compare our computers:
for example I have:

nvidia gforce 6600 GT
Gigabyte mainboard
xp athlon 3.1 processor
1 gig ddr ram
no modem as I use router.
Network card.
2 X 100 gig hdd.
dvd rom
dvd burner
video capture card.
Have Camera but donot use it much.
Have scanner and printer but not plugged in when not in use.
 I did have to purchase a new PSU after installing this new Card when I booted I received a message that my PSU will reduce the power on my card to save it or something like that, I had 326w  I have now 480 W.
After doing this test it recomends for my machine  324w minimum. as I have 480 I am covered.

Yes, the PSU seems on the edge - best is to test with a beefier one.
fredshovelAuthor Commented:
Sorry to take so long to answer questions but I ran Memtest86, after burning an ISO image and running it from the CD ROM drive (ironically I burnt it on the DVD drive) It ran for hours – have no idea what it was doing – Seems to have been 9 tests with no errors reported.

Yes, alas, I'm using Nero OEM, it came with the Sony -- I've never been a Nero fan; it really didn't even want to install from the start. Don't you love the way it tries to complicate simple tasks, has about 36 different tools -- and then screws things up? And "recode" prompts you to update to their special digital codec (which is really H.264) but they don't bother to tell you that most DVD players can't play H.264 (excuse the rave).
So I use "copy entire video", which takes you to Nero recode 2.

I appreciate your suggestion, scrathcyboy but I just spent $150 getting XP Home with SP2 and I don't really think burning a DVD is too much to ask of it.

Hey MERETE, your Nero update link didn't post.  There were three crashes yesterday when I was burning -- but no error events. Yes I did originally screw up the master/slave install on my old system (PC wouldn't even boot up) but this was rectified before the complete blow away and re-format of the HD. It was singing away with 256M RAM until the update to 768M RAM + the 4 port USB/PCI card and the drives changed to NTFS (and a BIOS update).

Here's an old event relating to Nero:Event Type:      Error
Event Source:      Application Hang
Event Category:      (101)
Event ID:      1002
Date:            18/05/2006
Time:            7:04:58 AM
User:            N/A
Computer:      GIGABYTE
Hanging application nero.exe, version, hang module hungapp, version, hang address 0x00000000.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.
0000: 41 70 70 6c 69 63 61 74   Applicat
0008: 69 6f 6e 20 48 61 6e 67   ion Hang
0010: 20 20 6e 65 72 6f 2e 65     nero.e
0018: 78 65 20 36 2e 36 2e 30   xe 6.6.0
0020: 2e 31 34 20 69 6e 20 68   .14 in h
0028: 75 6e 67 61 70 70 20 30   ungapp 0
0030: 2e 30 2e 30 2e 30 20 61   .0.0.0 a
0038: 74 20 6f 66 66 73 65 74   t offset
0040: 20 30 30 30 30 30 30 30    0000000
0048: 30                        0

Hi oBdA,  I did try Rootkit, which found only IE temp files and cookies. I did a disk clean-up and deleted all cookies. Then it reported: no discrepancies found. Then I unticked the hide NTFS metafile thing and got this:
C:\$AttrDef      5/05/2006 11:19 PM      2.50 KB      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\$BadClus      5/05/2006 11:19 PM      0 bytes      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\$BadClus:$Bad      5/05/2006 11:19 PM      18.55 GB      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\$Bitmap      5/05/2006 11:19 PM      593.71 KB      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\$Boot      5/05/2006 11:19 PM      8.00 KB      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\$Extend      5/05/2006 11:19 PM      0 bytes      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\$Extend\$ObjId      5/05/2006 11:20 PM      0 bytes      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\$Extend\$Quota      5/05/2006 11:20 PM      0 bytes      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\$Extend\$Reparse      5/05/2006 11:20 PM      0 bytes      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\$LogFile      5/05/2006 11:19 PM      64.00 MB      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\$MFT      5/05/2006 11:19 PM      38.98 MB      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\$MFTMirr      5/05/2006 11:19 PM      4.00 KB      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\$Secure      5/05/2006 11:19 PM      0 bytes      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\$UpCase      5/05/2006 11:19 PM      128.00 KB      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\$Volume      5/05/2006 11:19 PM      0 bytes      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\avg7\l_100027.log      29/05/2006 8:00 AM      9.03 KB      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\ABCBVW1K      29/05/2006 8:01 AM      0 bytes      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\ABCBVW1K\desktop.ini      29/05/2006 8:01 AM      67 bytes      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\ABCBVW1K\final_file[1].swf      29/05/2006 8:01 AM      46.65 KB      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\ABCBVW1K\s9[1].gif      29/05/2006 8:01 AM      43 bytes      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\BFL9XTP2\i[1].gif      29/05/2006 8:01 AM      1004 bytes      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\KX2R0DYJ      29/05/2006 8:01 AM      0 bytes      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\KX2R0DYJ\blue[1].css      29/05/2006 8:01 AM      10.28 KB      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\KX2R0DYJ\desktop.ini      29/05/2006 8:01 AM      67 bytes      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\KX2R0DYJ\power_supply[1].html      29/05/2006 8:01 AM      10.83 KB      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\Y3OJ5MV6      29/05/2006 8:01 AM      0 bytes      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\Y3OJ5MV6\blred_logo_new[1].png      29/05/2006 8:01 AM      4.92 KB      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\Y3OJ5MV6\desktop.ini      29/05/2006 8:01 AM      67 bytes      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\Y3OJ5MV6\header_blue_new1[1].png      29/05/2006 8:01 AM      39.07 KB      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\YQ6PDDS2\blside_strip1[1].png      29/05/2006 8:01 AM      321 bytes      Hidden from Windows API.
C:\System Volume Information\_restore{CFE98561-BC9D-48CE-8BDC-469FB748ECB2}\RP31\A0028184.cfg      28/05/2006 8:00 AM      129 bytes      Hidden from Windows API.
D:\$AttrDef      9/05/2006 10:16 AM      2.50 KB      Hidden from Windows API.
D:\$BadClus      9/05/2006 10:16 AM      0 bytes      Hidden from Windows API.
D:\$BadClus:$Bad      9/05/2006 10:16 AM      18.71 GB      Hidden from Windows API.
D:\$Bitmap      9/05/2006 10:16 AM      598.62 KB      Hidden from Windows API.
D:\$Boot      9/05/2006 10:16 AM      8.00 KB      Hidden from Windows API.
D:\$Extend      9/05/2006 10:16 AM      0 bytes      Hidden from Windows API.
D:\$Extend\$ObjId      9/05/2006 10:17 AM      0 bytes      Hidden from Windows API.
D:\$Extend\$Quota      9/05/2006 10:17 AM      0 bytes      Hidden from Windows API.
D:\$Extend\$Reparse      9/05/2006 10:17 AM      0 bytes      Hidden from Windows API.
D:\$LogFile      9/05/2006 10:16 AM      64.00 MB      Hidden from Windows API.
D:\$MFT      9/05/2006 10:16 AM      2.05 MB      Hidden from Windows API.
D:\$MFTMirr      9/05/2006 10:16 AM      4.00 KB      Hidden from Windows API.
D:\$Secure      9/05/2006 10:16 AM      0 bytes      Hidden from Windows API.
D:\$UpCase      9/05/2006 10:16 AM      128.00 KB      Hidden from Windows API.
D:\$Volume      9/05/2006 10:16 AM      0 bytes      Hidden from Windows API.

Hi JOHNSY32, the media is TDK DVD+R 1x16









>>  have no idea what it was doing   << for the mem test, i suggest running 3 passes, or leave it running overnight. No errors reported = OK
What problems did you have installing Nero, the only time there maybe problems is when your master dvd rom drive ( that Nero is bundeled for) is in the wrong position.
You could try uninstalling all Nero, check your dvd rom is master slave first position, leave out the 2nd rom for the time being.
Re-install the Nero that is on the cd. Then update it.
As I was offered the web link for my Nero when it encountered the sp2 error I can offer this link never occured to me to save that link.

I hope it works for you., note to untick the Yahoo offer of a toolbar :(

How to burn with Nero

fredshovelAuthor Commented:
I had installed Nero  previously with XP and no problems. After the update it couldn't find one of the files on the CD (it's the Sony OEM that came with the DVD). But it eventually loaded.

I'm sure it's not the slave/driver thing, as this was resolved before the update and the computer Tech who did all this was a real AlphaGeek so he would  have picked this up -- and I did a few burns with no problems.

I've downloaded the Nero updates (I like the 32MB one -- just fixing up a few small  problems. Remember when you didn't even have 32MB of spare disk space -- they got apollo 11 to the moon with 74 kilobytes!)

I ran Memtest86 all night -- once again it seemed to do 9 passes with no errors reported (don't know why it still wanted to keep testing).

So if I can eliminate the suspect Nero prob -- and the suspect memory problem -- I'll do a "ghost" back (I've got a back-up [Casper XP 3.0]) which should take care of oBda's suggestion of urgies hiding in the machine. Then test again.
If it fails things would point to either the PSU or the DVD itself.

If you want to test for the psu without buying a new one right off the bat...disconnect your cd drive from the PSU, and disconnect all extra devices and try to burn (with a lesser load on the PSU). If it works, and testing the burn after reattaching the devices shows failure--- it surely points to power. Sometimes a PSU rated 300w won't necessarilly be outputting 300w, which may be the case here.
If this test doesn't work, it still won't rule out the PSU, however, the PSU may be failing and not be able to handle the load from the DVD burner.
The test (results positive)  would simply be solidifying the need for more power.
fredshovelAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I'll try it.
good point maramom  unless the PSU has been tested to be supplying a continous power supply, any fluctuations could cause more than damage to a cd burn fail.
>>   (don't know why it still wanted to keep testing).  <<  memtest keeps running till it is stopped by the operator
fredshovelAuthor Commented:
MERETE, you were very persistant in thinking that NERO was the problem. Well it looks like it was.

I actually decided to reformat and re-partition the hard drive and start looking for the culprit from scratch. So with a brand new install of XP with SP2 (had some problems will post again) I tried to install the OEM NERO that came with my newy DVD.  Lots of error -- missing this and missing that, and then CRASH!
So I got my old NERO 6, installed it and hit it with all four of MERETE's suggeted updates from the NERO site.
It's now copyng like a fool.

I'd like to thank all the experts that contributed their thoughts on this problem -- as you all know the process of elimination is very important in any problem solving situation -- and it could have been any of the very viable solutions that were offered. I certainly learned a lot -- but have some more questions, so please participate in this post:


thank you fredshovel  persistance pays lol awe I am long time user of Nero and have been down many roads with it too.
They kinda own the burning rom plugin.
Good to hear you found a solution finally. :)
Cheers Merete
fredshovelAuthor Commented:
Footnote: My old version of NERO was missing a lot of apps -- like Recode etc -- so the update wouldn't give me the whole shootin' match. So I inserted my dodgy NERO OEM and when it spat the dummy I ran the updates and it gave me the works including NERO Digital. At the same time I had emailed NERO, who advised me, "There is no need to preinstall Nero 6 from the CD. Only download the latest update from our website and unlock it by entering your serial number of Nero 6." -- but where's the serial number?
hmmm it should be on the cover of the Old Nero OEM  did it come in an envelope? not on disc sorry,,,,  when you first installed it and inserted the seril key it keeps this record always unless you change computers.
When you buy a dvdrom or cdrom/ new video cards  they come with an install disc that may have power dvd and nero usually a white paper cover,. Or look on your video card install disc. It may have some extra's otherwise . :(
 I always write these down, but that doesnt help you I guess.
Did you have it installed somewhere, then when updating it will progres thru the install detect the old version and replace it and keeping the originl  serial key already in the ( insert serial number)

Good Luck Merete
Footnote if you only use Nero express, ( cd burn only) free but you can burn for cd like data mp3 .pictues etc
but if you want the burning rom plugin for vcd/ dvd etc  then this the tricky part, burning rom is not free but usully comes bundeled with video cards and dvdrom burners.
Hope that helps.

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