create different virtual servers on the same front end server each one with different users .

i want to give two urls for owa for exchange 2003 server that point to two different virtual servers on the same exchange front-end server and each virtual server will be the OWA url for a certaing group of echange servers because one virtual server will be used for users with token ids while the other will be used for regular access.
Can you help me how can this be done?
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mvvinodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK. First of all some basics here. There can be only 1 exchange organisation in a forest. When you create a front end server, you dont create just IIS virtual servers. You install exchange server software and designate this server as s front end server. It will act as a front end server for the exchange organisation not based on the back end server.

No matter where the user mailbox is, the front end server will serve the clients.

I guess for what you are trying to do, one thing might be to install 2 different front end server and require token for one of them. Although both servers will service both backend server, users without token will not be able to use the server that requires token.

Does that make sense????

LeeDerbyshireConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First, decide whether or not you need to create a Virtual Server, or a Virtual Directory.  If you create a Virtual Server, you will need to use a different port number, or a host header to access it.  Using a different port number means that you have to open it on your firewall, and tell your users how to add it to the URL.  Using a host header means that you have to register a new DNS name for the server. So:

http://servername/exchange    points to your current OWA
http://servername:port/    points to the new Virtual Server
http://hostheadername/    also points to the new VS

Or you can create a new Virtual Directory, which I think is easier (no new ports or host headers)

http://servername/exchange    points to your current OWA
http://servername/newVDirname    points to the new Virtual Directory

Whichever you decide to create, you do it in Exchange System Manager - Go to Servers/Servername/Protocols/HTTP . Right-click and then create a new whatever you decided to create.  After that you tell it which SMTP domain you want it to serve.
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