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Motherboard suporting ragistered ECC ram with price less than 110 usd ?

Hello !

I have 2x1 GB ragistered ECC ram - KVR400D8R3A/1G


My boss want to use them, but do NOT get expensive server motherboadr. Can I found motherboard using them with price less than 110 usd ? AMD/Intel - no matter.
3 Solutions
dvplayltdAuthor Commented:
for purfus
thair is ONLY one and it si for P3 or celeron 1400. I look for motherboard with CPU 2-3 GHz.
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Here are a few, but you will probably not find a board that falls in the cheaper than other section as all these boards are used for highend workstations.
Most of the others are either dual opteron or server boards.
Well you said under 110 and proc doesn't matter...  GL with it, that stuff just isn't cheap, maybe you can find something used on ebay.  They will work in a board that doesn't support ecc, it just wont use ecc.  If your only intention is to make use of the chips just grab whatever you can afford for a board that supports the chip type and speed.
dvplayltdAuthor Commented:
thank to all of you.

I will NOT find motherboard that can use them at good price. And simple calulation shows that is more good just to bye new DDR2.
I will keep this register meomory for future usage in server motherboard.
I'm sorry but am I wrong in saying that you can use registered ecc memory in a board that doesn't support it?  Because I know I've done that before.  Maybe the newer motherboards dont do it but I'm pretty sure you can put them in to any board that supports DDR2.  Also if it's DDR2 I believe thats an Intel only type of memory.

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