Problem looking up values by selecting value in combobox

Hello all,

I'm developping a database application and i'm having problems selecting values.
I have two tables
There is a one to many relation between TBLCLIENTS.CLIENT_ID and TBLJOBS.CLIENT_ID
In my form i want a combobox selecting JOB-ID.
After the JOB_ID is selected i want my client fields updated depending on CLIENT_ID field.
Can anyone help me out here?
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Can you not use an SQL query to achive this?

Update TBLCLIENTS SET Name = 'newname', Address='....   WHERE JOB-ID = '...

JackUziAuthor Commented:
There is only a relation on the CLIENT_ID field.
This is because there are more jobs for one client.
ah ok.

Update TBLClients,a TBLJOBS,b SET a.Name='...', a.Address='...   WHERE a.CLIENT_ID=b.CLIENT_ID AND JOB_ID = '...
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JackUziAuthor Commented:
Do you also know how to put this in code in the combobox.selectedchanged event?
JackUziAuthor Commented:
I think i was a bit confusing by saying i wanted to update my client fields.
On my form there are also databound textboxes to display the client data.
So when I select a job-ID then i would show the corresponding client that is related to that job.
Try code like this to bind your combobox

   ComboBox.DataSource = TBLJOBS
   ComboBox.DisplayMember = "JOB_ID"
   ComboBox.ValueMember = "CLIENT_ID"
   ComboBox.DataBindings.Add("SelectedValue", TBLCLIENTS, "CLIENT_ID")

You shouldn't then need any other code in any of the combobox event subs.  As a new JOB_ID is selected in the conbobox, the relevant CLIENT_ID becomes the combobox's new SelectedValue, and the last line of the code will shift the pointer in the TBLCLIENTS table to the appropriate record for that.

JackUziAuthor Commented:
I'm getting an error on the line where i set the valuememeber to CLIENT_ID.
System.ArgumentException was unhandled
  Message="This causes two bindings in the collection to bind to the same property.
Parameter name: binding"
What other databinding code you do you have?

JackUziAuthor Commented:
This code is run in the onload event of the form.

        cboJOB_ID.DataSource = Me.DBDataSet.TBLJOBS
        cboJOB_ID.DisplayMember = "JOB_ID"
        cboJOB_ID.ValueMember = "CLIENTID"
        cboJOB_ID.DataBindings.Add("SelectedValue", Me.TBLCLIENTBindingSource, "CLIENTID")

Then on the form I have textboxes where the databinding.text property is tblclient.client_name, tblclient_street, ...
JackUziAuthor Commented:
OK, the problem was that i dragged the JOB_ID combobox from the datasources window on the form.
So all properties concearning databindings are allready filled in.

I removed them and runned the code like you sugested but nothing changes in the textboxes.
(Databindings).text property is set to tblclientbindingsource - clientName and so on.
Textboxes are dragged from the datasource window.
Is this correct?
My apologies.  First for the delay in coming back - but it is Sunday evening where I am ;-)  Second for not checking which version of VB.NET you were on before I commented.  And third for misleading you that the link could be automatic by adding

        cboJOB_ID.DataBindings.Add("SelectedValue", Me.TBLCLIENTBindingSource, "CLIENTID")

That only works the other way round on a Many To One Relationship.

You can scrap that line and, instead, in cboJOB_IDSelectedIndexChanged put

        TBLCLIENTBindingSource.Filter = "CLIENTID = " & cboJOB_ID.SelectedValue

I think the terminology in that is right - I've tried to take it from the object names your code uses - but you need to check it.  The basic idea is what you need.  That is, use the CLIENTID obtained from the jobs combobox to apply a filter to the information displayed about the client.

I hope that hasn't held you up too much.


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JackUziAuthor Commented:
Thanks Roger
I was searching for this answer for a few days now and you provided me the answer.
Now I can finally get to the other stuff.

By the way, Don't you know some interesting web links about database programming, because I'm new to VB.NET development and I don't understand that databinding issue so good.

Thank you
Have a look at some of the hits on this search string

There's a sample database - Northwind, another one is Pubs (short for publishers, not licensed premises) - that MS provides for free and many articles/examples use that for illustration.  So mention of it in a search will usually throw up stuff you can actually try out to see what's happening.

If you want a more rounded approach/description then I find the section Headed "Displaying Data on Forms in Windows Applications" in the Help File a good starting point.

JackUziAuthor Commented:
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