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Samsung sci-702e satellite receiver software upgrade


my father bought a Samsung sci-702e satellite receiver (you can get the manual here: http://stb.samsungcorp.com/asp/manual.asp ) and now he'd like to upgrade the software. We have the cable but we don't find the software! We searched the official Samsung site but found no useful information.

At page 40 of the receiver's manuel it's written:

"If you want to download and upgrade the DB via personal computer, visit our
homepage (http://stb.samsungcorp.com) to get more information and to get new software."

We subscribed to the above website but found no software and no instructions on how to upgrade the receiver.

The Samsung website seems to suck. That's why I'm asking here for some kind support on how to upgrade this receiver, which is now unusable as the satellites changed from 2001, when my father bought the receiver.

The support site seems outdated and simply empty. It seems that the site has been created but nothing is there. There is just a model in the dropdown list, which is "aaa". It seems like they created the site, inserted a "test" model (aaa) and forgot to insert the real (production) models... is that the way that a big multinational company like Samsung works?

And the funny thing is that at the electronics shops where we bought the receiver, they know nothing... they told us to buy the cable and simply search in internet and easily find the new software version...

Thanks in advance to the kind soul that will help us to achieve this little big goal.
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Try to contact samsung:
Head Office
 Digital Application Team
Information & Telecom. Division
Samsung Corporation
Bundang P.O.Box 32, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
  Person     Contact
  General Manager
   S.W.LEE    Tel : 82-2-2145-3025
  General Manager
  (Samsung Brand Sales)   S.H. Jung    Tel : 82-2-2145-3026
  General Manger
  (R&D and Technical Issues)   S.H. Kim    Tel : 82-2-2145-3027
  Sales Manager
  (Middle East and North Africa)   Dennis Kim    Tel : 82-2-2145-3033
  Product & Sales Manager

  (DVB-T, Russia Market)
   Eddie Jung    Tel : 82-2-2145-3035
 After Service Center for European Country
  SKR GmbH  
  Address Gewerbering 3-5 41372 Niederkruchten  
  Contact Tel.: 2163-988-91-0
E-mail : info@skrsat.com
  Address Samsung Deutschland GmbH Am Kronberger Hang 6, 65824
Schwalbach am Taunus
  Contact Person Uwe Press
E-mail : uwe.press@samsung-germany.de
Tel : 49 6196 66 5350
Fax : 49 6196 66 5333  
Man-Woo Park
E-mail : lpmwpark@samsungcorp.com
Tel: 49 6196 66 5340
Fax: 49 6196 66 5333  
  Address Samsung Italia S.R.L Viale Marelli 165 20099 Sesto San Giovanni(MI), Italia  
  Contact Person Antonio Kim
Tel : 39-02-26914-202
Fax : 39-02-2622-3125
Claudio Visentin
E-mail : visentin@samsungcorp.com
Tel : 39-02-26914-202
Fax : 39-02-2622-3125  
  Address Samsung Corporation Madrid Office Edificio Vyp Calle Golfo De Salonica, 27-6A 28033 Madrid  
  Contact Person Jeon San Kim(Victor)
E-mail : ines@samsungcorp.com
Tel : 34-91-767-0094
Fax : 34-91-766-9141  
  Address Samsung Corporation Istanbul Office Buyukdere Cad. Ozsezen Is Merkezi No.122 Kat.6/A 80280 Esentepe, Istanbul, Turkey
  Contact Person Aysun Unlu
E-mail : aysun@samsungcorp.com.tr
Tel : 90-212-2751075
Fax : 90-212-2750602
  Address Samsung Corporation Moscow Office Bolshoy Gnezdnikovsky Per., 1/2, 4 Floor 103009, Moscow, Russia
  Contact Person YD Kim
E-mail : ydkim@src.samsung.ru
Tel : 7-95-965-5761
Fax : 7-95-797-2528


Sorry- pressed wrong button before editing;
See the webpage for addresses and links:

I think you can find the software here: http://stb.samsungcorp.com/asp/customer-ascenterList.asp?grade=special

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firepolAuthor Commented:
lherrou, thank you (by the way how did you find that website?). Now I remember that I found that website too, but it was a long time ago... I downloaded everything and tried it very exctited but...

according to the instructions: ( http://stb.samsungcorp.com/html/instruction05.html )

Section "Database Download":

"2. Click "File Open" icon and choose the file (*.sdb) that
    will be used to update the database"

I have no clue what a *.sdb file is and where to download it. I was expecting to find it in the Samsung download page but I couldn't find it...

And another one:

Section "Program Update"

"6. Click the (file open) button and select the file (*.ser) that will be used for update your receiver's program."

I guess that the *.ser file is the firmware, right? So why doesn't Samsung provide, instead of 11 links to the updater program, a simple link to the updater and the links to the various firmwares (*.ser) files?

I think that I'll try to contact the Samsung management by using some of the e-mails above because this "support" is really a shame.

What can I do with the updater if it doesn't come with the firmwares? :-S
firepolAuthor Commented:
I wrote an email to frank.sisignano@samsung.com, info@skr-services.com, info@skrsat.com, visentin@samsungcorp.com, dennis12.kim@samsung.com, uwe.press@samsung-germany.de, lpmwpark@samsungcorp.com (emails listed above). I got no answer, but just delivery failures on these addresses:


This is just to give you an idea on how it's efficient their IT/communicatino system.

I think I'll write a registered snail mail to some managers. I hope that a written mail will be considered! I'm upset and for sure I'll never again buy a samsung product.

Thanks for the points. I hope you solved the problem successfully.
firepolAuthor Commented:
Actually I'm waiting for an answer form the guys i contacted. No answer yet. I had to close the question in order to make new ones ;-) Thanks again.

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