DFS Failover

I have successfuly set up DFS to replicate to the mydocs and desktop folder.  I have configured the namespace to be \\domain.local\DFS\Users

This is all working fine but when i remove master server (where i set up the dfs) to simulate a failover i log a workstation but is not able to connect to the namespace share.  I have configured DNS so now if i ping domain.local i get the failover servers IP address which is good but it cant connect to the share.

All i have done on the failover server is add the namespace and replication groups views.

can anyone help
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1. Check to see if the data exist on both servers
2. DFS root needs to be available all the time to detect secondary source. Make sure you have other DNS servers to service clients when first server is down (i'm assuming it also runs DNS)
3. Active directory needs to be available also. Make sure you have another DC with Global Catalog (I'm assuming your first DFS server is DC)
4. Make sure you setup DFS in domain mode and not stand alone.
5. It doesnt matter where you create the replication /dfs root since it all stays in AD and not your server.

Let me know what you find.

higgsyAuthor Commented:
Right i Solved this one.   Even if you have AD available when the main server is down you need to add the 2nd server to host the namespace.  Otherwise you will not be able to connect to the \\domain.local\namspaceshare

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