tail multiple text files -> and get all into standard output


In one directory, there are multiple text files (log files)...
For each log, separated processes are appending logs in each.
Like to monitor in real time, easiest way is tail log, but not like to tail each log in separate telnet session, but like to have all log output into standard output (on telnet window).

Then thinking to use grep to get some results..

Is there any simple command? Like.... (it does not work but just like to show what I like to do..)
tail -f *20060529.log | grep ERROR

As far as I know, it may not be possible, but if somebody knows good way to do, would you please suggest?
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Kent OlsenConnect With a Mentor Data Warehouse Architect / DBACommented:
Hi sleepingluke,

You need to run multiple copies of tail, each processing one log and writing to the same output file.

Try running them in the background.

tail -f 20060527.log &
tail -f 20060527.log &
tail -f 20060529.log &

Good Luck!
sleepinglukeAuthor Commented:
Dear Kent-san,

Thank you very much, it worked!
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