How Secure is Gmail Chat?

I know that IM in general suffered from security vulnerabilities in the past.  Have these been mostly addressed?  In particular, does using Gmail chat make your machine more vulnerable than just using Gmail email or any other web-based email?
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Greetings, dfessend !

If you can use Gmail Chat while logged in to Gmail at, then you are talking over a secure line.  If the person that you are talking to is also logged in at https://, then conversation could be secure.

Google has not advertised the security feature in chat, so I do not think the chat with another Gmail user logged in as https:// is completely secure.  Chat can go through unsecure and secure servers.  Also Jabbar users can chat with Gmail users, and most users are not logged in https:// address.  Consider Gmail chat unsecure.

The potential for secure chat is there, but do not assume it is until Google announces how it would be done.

Best wishes!
Hi dfessend,

all of them put you at a risk, a hacker is basically going to get in if he wants to get in...... i wouldnt stress to much, its no different than MSN or YAHOO, i use them both but neither are secure!

unless there is something I am unaware of with Gmail
All IM are really the same, but if you compare them to email then email is safer, with IM chat it is very easy to click on a link that is displayed and hackers can also be there just waiting for an opportunity.

Whereas with email, no one can listen or intercept your conversation.
I have yahoo, MSN and Gmail.

I feel fairly secure with using email than any IM chat.
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