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performans problems

I'm using Catia V5 on Sun solaris 9  on Sun Blade 2000 WS with 2 CPU's and 4 GB ram, but I still performans problems. I always get memory problems  and the cpu's aren't used effectively when ever I try to run complex assemblies with catia v5. Is there any tuning needed that I can to have more performans.
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I'm not familiar with the actual software, but on Solaris, the first thing I check when having perfofmance problems is the swap space.

If the person who set up the box didn't change the defaults, then you likely do not have enough swap space.  

Many folks would not think this is a problem with 4gb ram, but the default mount for /tmp is to use tempfs, which uses swap space.  So, if you have processes that use a lot of temporary files, then it fills up, and slows things down.

I always have at least 1 gig of swap, and mostly still go by the onld adage of swap being 2 x memory.
TAI, be careful when you hear you need more swap space to fix a performance problem - no offense arthurjb, we've had this disagreement in the past.  Adding additional swap to a system could only increase your performance issues.  SWAP space on most servers is not a high performance disk setup.  Forcing a lot of paging to swap sapce (whether it be heavy paging or heavy swapping) isn't a good idea in situations like this.

Assuming your problem is really memory based - your problem is *MEMORY* not SWAP.  Adding swap only increases how much more you can page onto a *physical disk* - it doesn't allow you to address an application that is consuming most if not all of your 4GB of physical memory.  Disk accesses is magnitures of order slower then accessing something in memory.

You need to figure out why this application is having a memory problem then figure out how much more memory you need (assuming you don't have a memory leak issue that is) and upgrade your memory.  Yes, I know that not everyone can simply do a quick and easy upgrade to their memory subsystems.
Nukfor makes some good points, but it is important to note that the reason I espoused more swap space was not for the swap itself, but for the tempfs.

The lack of tmp space (which uses tempfs) caused by the lack of swap space (the source of tempfs space)  could make it look like a memory problem, when it is actually processes not being able to write tmp files.

Lots of system processes use tmp, including nis+ which is why one of the symptoms of insufficient tmp space is the loss of ability to login.

Another fix, if you are concerned about the performance of swap, would be to mount /tmp as its own partition with a lot of space, which would take care of Nukfror's concern, since it would only be used for tmp, and not swap.

Solaris is smart enough to know when it needs to swap, but if the resources are not available, then it can't.  With 4 ig of memory, you shouldn't be having memory problems unless you have a memory leak...

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