Cant connect to remote desktop on my server

I cant connect to my remote desktop on my server (i can on lokal netvork)

I have open the port on router
i have add the users on the server
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mrenosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On the server side on the event logs do you see any records that can describe this problem ?
Also, what do you mean by : it type my ip in the ( computer name ) ? On the error mesage box you see that ?

Hope this helps.
Please be more specific : What error do you get while you are trying to connect from outside your local network ?

Hope this helps..
OttoesAuthor Commented:
its says that the computer is not aktive or occupied
it type my ip in the (computer name)
OttoesAuthor Commented:
on the client pc i type the ip adresse to try to connect
and its say on the client (its says that the server is not aktive or occupied)

Bot when i type smallbusiness.local (its work on local)

I am from denmark and i am not that good to english so hope you understand what i say
OttoesAuthor Commented:
i make it work thx for help
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