A simple question on visual studio 2006 for c#

I’ve been a VB.Net programmer, recently I’ve assigned a project in C#,
i find one of my favorite feature missing in the code view of c# visual studio 2006,

Assume in a design of a simple windows form with a button,
in vb.net code view it is possible to select button object from the dropdown and get all the associated events in the event list, this is very convenient to view the available events and to easily use them,
how do I get this feature while c# coding, do I have to enable something ?
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Jase-CoderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
click: view >> properties window then there you can see the properties of each control. On the properties window there is a button with a lightening bolt, click this button to view the events.
Hi sammy_chinnu,

another way if you use ClassView and expand the  tree under your class you should see an item named "Bases and Interfaces", expand that one and then pick the event/method/function (however you want to call it) that you want, right-click it and select "Add" in the dropdown menu.  That adds the event to your code like those dropdown boxes do in

and for the reason of this difference you could read this post

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