19" TFT Monitor Smearing

I just got back from holiday/vacation and switched on all my PC equipment.  When I boot up however, the monitor doesnt display correctly.  About two thirds down the screen I get this horiztonal line that runs from left to right, across the screen and then everything underneath this line is just one big smear of the line above that.  So I can't see anything that is displayed in the lower third of my screen.  

Is the hardware faulty or is there something I can do to fix the problem?

It worked fine before i went away for a week... it just seems a strange co-incidence that it doesnt work the first time I switch it on after it hasnt been used for a while.
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
Here are a few things to attempt:
- reset your monitor settings.
- check your cabling
- change your display settings resolution
- attach to a known working computer

did you have a power outage while you were away?

...then we can't rule out that it IS broken.
Sounds broken to me.  

Are you sure nobody had access to it when you were away?  Cleaners?  Kids?   Other people that have a key?

Did you unplug it?  Is it on a surge protector?  Have you asked people who were back home if there was a power cut, surge or brownout that they know of?

Just to make sure we don't miss the obvious...  undo the monitor cable from the screen and the computer, then do it back up again, making sure it's straight and tight.

But my bet is on damage - sorry :(  Bad luck.

MrMoo123Author Commented:
well what would you know, turns out it was to do with my power lead.  I unplugged it and plugged it into a different socket... and now it works fine.  Baffled!

But thanks anyway, I split the points.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
"ghosts in the machine"...good thing you checked your cabling.

Thank you!
That *is* amazing...  thanks for the feedback, I'll store that gem for future reference! :)
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