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Open Forms From Sting

Hi. I have a treeview control in my mdi child form. In treeview control form names listing like this,


when the user clicks on "About" then frm_about shows.

How can I bind these to values? I got something in my mind but I dont know how to make it. If I write down the treeview names (userfriendly names) in to the forms text property, Is it possible to open it from there? For example;

Dim asm As System.Reflection.Assembly = System.Reflection.Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly
        Dim objForm As Form = asm.CreateInstance(asm.GetName.Name + "." + "frmAbout", True)


this code opens from the names from string. Is there any way to find the form name by serching the form header texts? Maybe I can use the upper code to by binding treeview names to form header text.

Like form userfriendly name: About
form name: frm_about
form header text:  About

Anther question, How can I get the name of the forms as a list, which is currently existing in my application.


1 Solution
use the code below

dim progname as string
CType(Activator.CreateInstance(Type.GetType(progName)), Form)

the variable progname will be directly the class name for the classes inside the same assembly.

If the form is in another form, then the progname will be as follows
Namespace.ClassName, AssemblyName

ex: Suppose you have a Form1 in namespace n1, and the assembly is named a1.
You want to call the form from the assesbly: MainAssembly
you should first add a reference to a1
then set the progname as:

n1.Form1, a1

do not forget to put a space after the comma.

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