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I wan tto insert a value from a variable to a property. THis is how I do it:

<propertyregex property="restoredir" override="true" input="${env.DEV_HOME}" regexp="\\" replace="/" />

On Windows(Ant vers 1.6.5) it works, but on Linux(Ant vers. 1.6.2) it doesn't.

On Linux I instead get ${restoredir} back on the echo command. What is wrong and what do I need to do to get it to work?
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objectsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
env does not work on all OS, though the lattest release works on Linux flavours I've used.

Try the following and l;et me know the result

<property name="restoredir" value="${env.DEV_HOME}"/>
What's the value of



If you are just doing this to fix to Unix path separators, you could probably use those in both Unix and Windows
mdolandAuthor Commented:
The thing is that when I do an echo from the same ant script on the env.DEV_HOME, the correct value is printed, so it is there somehow. However, when I try to set it in the way I described, it appears as if it has never been run at all.
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did u try what I suggested above?

>>the correct value is printed

What is that value?
mdolandAuthor Commented:
Great, it works with the property thing. I'm still abit confused why the propertyregex doesn't.
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