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Problem with Native POP3 connector

I`ve bought an Exchange Server license for the Native POP3 Connector from Mapilabs (http://www.mapilab.com/exchange/pop3_connector).

It`s used to fetch mails from a Domino-server to an Exchange-server.
All the Exchange-users got an account on the Domino-server. First, I configured all the users on the Domino-server to forward all mails to a single account on the Domino-server. Then I configured a global (catch-all) account on the Native POP3 Connector.
This seemed to work well, except 1 thing: Bcc`s.
Therefore, I disabled the forwarding for all the users on the Domino-server and set the same password for all users. Then I deleted the global account on the connector and configured a single-mailbox connector account for all of the users. Now bcc`s worked fine. But now...some days later, it turns out that some users doesn`t receive any mails from the Domino-server. When I connect to the Domino-server with these users, I see that there are mails in their mailboxes.
I`ve tried to enable full logging on these 5 accounts with problems, but nothing is written to the logfile. When I enable logging on a working user, records are written when the connector connects to the Domino-server.
So it doesn`t seem like the connector is even trying to connect. I`ve tried to increase the setting for "Number of working threads" from the default of 10, to 20. Also tried to change the polling-time for all users from 30 seconds to 90 seconds.
But no difference...
I`ve contacted Mapilab support, but they couldn`t help. They had to set up this configuration in a lab, then they would come back to me.
But this is pretty urgent, so any suggestion would be aprreciated.

There are 80 users, and we`ve noticed that 5 is not working, but there may be more.

Does anyone got any suggestions on what could cause this?

Eventually; Any other method for deliver mails from the Domino-server to the Exchange-server?

This is a branch-office for a country-wide company, so the mails have to go through the Domino-server.

I tried to disable all of the 80 connetcor users. Enabled the 5 users with problems. The mails came in their Exchange-mailboxes, and records were written to the logfile.
When I enabled the other 75 users again, the problem were back and nothing is written to the logfile.
1 Solution
jeringAuthor Commented:
The issue is resolved. There was a bug in the connector. It wasn`t supposed to have any limitation regarding amount of users, but it was limited to 64. I had 80, so the issue was resolved when I installed the version released yesterday, v. 2.2.2
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