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Finding a string in a listbox

Hi Experts

In VB.NET i have a listbox (lstData) which has the name and Email address of customers on
each row,using a textbox (txtSearch) i can search the listbox for a customer name and have
it selected but i am unable to figure out the code to search for the customers Email address
(because i think it is not at the begining of each row or index).

Please can you help
1 Solution
What do you have separating the customer name and email address?  Are there a couple spaces, a character (like "/"), or a tab?  If so, you can do a string comparision for the Email address using the .EndsWith method.

'Example, if you have items in your listbox like:  "John Doe / JDoe@email.com"

        Dim strSeparator As String = "/ "
        For i As Integer = 0 To lstData.Items.Count - 1
            If CStr(lstData.Items.Item(i)).EndsWith(strSeparator & txtSearch.Text) Then
                MsgBox("Customer found at index: " & i)
                Exit Sub
            End If

        MsgBox("Customer not found")

You can use .StartsWith to search only the customer's Names.
dizzycatAuthor Commented:
Thanks ZeonFlash

I have used lstData.SelectedIndex = (i) together with your code and it works perfectly.

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