Enterprise Activation icon and Options menu item missing on Blackberry 8700

To sort out a problem with Enterprise Activation, I was told to do a complete wipe of my Blackberry 8700.

However now there is no Enterprise Activation item, either as an icon (no, I checked for hidden icons) or as a menu item under Options

Any ideas?
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LunchboxfettConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you go under the Options from the main menu of the BlackBerry screen?
If you still can't find it then I would download the latest BlackBerry handheld OS and load it onto the device by using the Application Manager
Look under Option and then Advanced Options and you should see Enterprise Activations.
Paul197466Author Commented:
No, it is not there
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Have you put a SIM in it and turned the radio on? If I recall correctly you need to have the BB register on the RIM relay and receive an appropriate service book first. Or connect it via USB on a PC that has the BES visible to it and running the BB desktop manager may do it...
I had this problem as well and it turned out when we switched devices with the proVider, they changed the persons data plan to the cheaper one.  They instantly stopped receiving emails to their old phone.  And when I went to switch devices the next day the Enterprise Activation icon would disappear after I connected to the network.  I would reload the device software and it would be there, but once I turned the radio on the icon turned to Facebook.
I've found that if the carrier sets the phone up for BIS service, the Enterprise Activation will disappear even with numerous resets.  It will actually appear briefly if you wipe the phone and don't enable the radio before trying to activate.  But it will not activate until you have the carrier set the phone up for BES.  This happens when you send end users to buy their own phones...
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