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My network is like this:

1.  routerA ( WAN PUBLIC - LAN X.X.X.253 ) from this router people have access to my network throut a VPN

2.  serverA   ( X.X.X.100 )
3.  serverB   ( X.X.X.101 )

3.  routerB ( WAN PUBLIC - LAN X.X.X.254 ) from this router people have access to my network throut Internet

Both routers forwards 3 tcp ports to my servers.
the network works fine exept one think. I have access to my servers ONLY if server's default gateway is set to the specific router.
( If i have server's A default gateway to X.X.X.254 its OK from this router but the other router X.X.X.254 can't forward.)

How can i solve this ?    2 gateways is this possible ?  or you have another solution ?

Thank you for your time

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Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Set the default gateway on your devices to point to the Internet based router. Use local routes to return traffic to the VPN router as this will carry the 'more specific' traffic..

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