Creating Exchange Server Event Sinks with Exchange SDK

This link describes how to add a disclaimer to outgoing SMTP messages in Visual Basic script.

I've tried a few other ways (including GFI Mail Essentials) but none work so well.

My issue is this.
In the above article it makes reference to "Smtpreg.vbs file, which is installed with the Exchange SDK"
It tells you that the VBS should be located in "...\Exchange SDK\SDK\Support\CDO\Scripts" folder

I've installed the SDK tools but they dont give you the directories listed.

Any help ?
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xqsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Download the file from the link:
Extract and install, the smtpreg.vbs script is located in the folder (if you don't change the defaults) C:\Program Files\Exchange SDK\SDK\Support\CDO\Scripts

Copy the EventSinkScript.vbs that you created using the support article to a directory on your server (e.g. c:\scripts) and browse to the folder (C:\Program Files\Exchange SDK\SDK\Support\CDO\Scripts) where the smtpreg.vbs script is located (using the command prompt).
Then type:

cscript smtpreg.vbs /add 1 onarrival SMTPScriptingHost CDO.SS_SMTPOnArrivalSink "mail from=*"
cscript smtpreg.vbs /setprop 1 onarrival SMTPScriptingHost Sink ScriptName "C:\scripts\EventSinkScript.vbs"
 If the command succeeds, you receive a success message generated by the script.

That should do the trick...
ConchialAuthor Commented:
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