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Switching from Norton to ZoneAlarm

I've been using NAV since Symantec took over IBM AntiVirus and ZoneAlarm FireWall since 2001 (Pro since my 2003 broadband connection). Now I want to dump NAV and install ZoneAlarm Security Suite.

I am running NAV 2004 on top of  Norton SystemWorks 2003 on a WinXP system. There was a time when I thought I needed Norton Ghost but that time has now passed so I intend to lose all the Symantec software.

I would like to get rid of all the Symantec background processes but do not want to do a clean install of WinXP and I know that the Symantec software removal tool will not work on pre-2004 software. I am semi-resigned to the fact that I will end up with some relict Symantec processes being loaded at startup.

My intention is to uninstall all the Symatec software and install the ZA Security Suite and keep my fingers crossed in the hope that there will be no ill effects. ZA Customer Service assure me that  their software will look after everything.

Before I do anything I would like to hear of anyone else's experiences doing this and any advice about removing remnant Symantec software.
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3 Solutions
Check this out, hope iits info will help.

Removing Norton 2003 or earlier:
Greetings, LesterGruntfuttock !

Go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall NSW and NAV.  If you have trouble with some Symantec program not uninstalling, use the following tool to remove NAV 2004


Or use NoNAV

Best wishes!
This tool uninstall Norton 2004 and above:
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Go to Add/Remove Programs
Remove NAV 04 first, say no when it asks to reboot (do this anytime it prompts)
Remove NSW 03
Remove LiveReg
Remove LiveUpdate

That should be everything, now reboot.
You can install now, or if you really want to make sure it's all gone use Registrar Lite.

Search the registry for "Symantec" and "Norton" deleting any keys that come up.
Do the same with Windows Explorer for any folders
Now install the new AV software

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Thanks, war1
LesterGruntfuttockAuthor Commented:
This is what happened:
I disabled my Internet Connection and powered down my broadband modem to be on the safe side.

In Control Panel/Add Remove Programs I removed NAV 2004 and restarted the system.

Again in Control Panel/Add Remove Programs I went to remove Norton System Works 2003 but the button showed only Change and it would only offer to install the software. Probably I had removed it in the past and forgotten about it. There was one other Norton program left, Norton WMI Update which I uninstalled as well. So it looks like System Works will continue to be a remnant in the Add Remove Programs list.

I ran the ZA Security Suite installation program but because I had downloaded it in March my always updated ZA Pro Firewall was a later version than it could handle so I needed to uninstall the Firewall (losing the current settings) before installing the Security Suite. So in Control Panel/Add Remove Programs I uninstalled Zone Alarm Pro and restarted the system.

I ran the ZA Security Suite installation program a second time and it installed and warned me it was out of date. I completed the installation and restarted the system.

I set the ZA program control to manual and switched on all the other options I wanted then I shut the system down for a couple of minutes and powered on the broadband modem.

After restating the system and enabling my internet connection I updated the anti virus and anti malware definitions and then downloaded the latest version of ZA Security Suite and ran the installation/upgrade program for that.

Shortly after I reconnected to the internet, the firewall asked me what to do with (Symantec) Live Update and I blocked it once (that is, I did not check the box to make blocking the permanent response). A couple of minutes later the same thing with (Symantec) Automatic LiveUpdate Scheduler. They continue to be blocked every couple of minutes or so and I made the blocking permanent. So there are at least two redundant Symantec processes being loaded at startup and ZA Firewall has been setup to block everything Automatic LiveUpdate Scheduler wants to do.

When I shut down the system I had a hidden window error and this persisted for couple of days but then ceased and I have not experienced it 5 days since. This fits in with my “Software Bedding In Theory”.

I used Regedit to see how often Symantec and Norton occurred in the registry and it is a shipload so I have left deleting all references for a time when my work is a bit slacker than at this time of year.

I made two mistakes: (1) just before I started all this I accepted the latest WinXP update concerning Windows Genuine Advantage so there was a change in the system and I can’t be sure about what was causing my shut down issues and (2) I should have made sure I had the latest version of ZA Security Suite.

So now the system is stable and I feel protected but I won't really sleep easy until ZA detects its first virus infection. The full sytem scan with ZA takes about as long as it did with NAV and I think it slows the system a little more but its default time is a bit more convenient than NAV's.
LesterGruntfuttockAuthor Commented:
Regarding the proffered solutions: I did not get anything new and mainly I was after other people's experinces so I have split the points among all contributers with GeneralMandible getting more for deleting references in the Registry. Thanks everyone.

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