Clearing 2000 Server Password on SerialATA Drive

Hi i just had a customer server hand over to me to erase its password and try to recover its data since the It consultant before me was replaced with me.

Os: Windows 2000 Server

Hard Drive: Serial ATA

Ive tryed lots of offline password resetting tools with no luck because Serial ATA drive isnt showing up when i boot to use those utilities.

I there a way i could load the hard drives drivers so i can see at command promt. Any generic drivers.?

Any other ideas. Windows does boot to login screen.
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r-kConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If your only concern is to recover some files off that disk, you can probably do that by attaching that  drive as a slave drive to some other system (Win/XP e.g.) then take ownership of the files and copy them to another disk.
Well, that would depend on how much the password worth to you and/or how much time you would want to spend on getting this done.

First of all, if it's in the domain, you have a slim chance of recovering the domain password.

But if it's local username/password (e.g. administrator), then . Again, this depends on the complexity and lenght of the password (above 7 character password will be almost impossible).

If you want a real solution and don't mind paying for it, try one of the followings:


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