Mod-rewrite question: convert static URL to dynamic for dynamic signatures

Hey there, I want to create a mod_rewrite rule to allow dynamic signatures.

Here is the client URI:
Here is the rewritten URI:

Also please include which .htaccess file(s) needs modifying.

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Dodger42Author Commented:
No response so points bumped up.

if you want it for png extension only, you can try something like :

RewriteRule ^(.*)\.png$$1\.png
more info on  url rewriting:
Dodger42Author Commented:
Ok that redirect is kind of working, but there is an extra slash in there after the = sign:

"/42SF-Dodger" should be "42SF-Dodger"
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to eliminate the slash:

RewriteRule ^/(.*)\.png$$1\.png

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Dodger42Author Commented:
One more thing. If I only want this rule to take place if the request is in the / directory, do I just put that rule int he directory section for /?

you can use:

RewriteRule ^/(.+[^/])\.png$$1\.png
(.+[^/])  where  matches everything , exept string that contains /

it doesn't help to use  RewriteRulele  ^/(.*)\.png$$1\.png   in <directory> section.   A rule is used in non-server context  if you add it to  a .htaccess file.

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