datawindow text search(

Posted on 2006-05-29
Last Modified: 2013-12-26
dear gafoor with refrence to one other question u provided a userobject for text serach on datawindow can u please mail that to me i have an urgent requirement or if any body else can help me pls.
thanks in advance
GHulam Rabbani
my email is
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    is this what ur looking for...

    //////////////////////////// code starts here//////////////////////

    $PBExportComments$UserObject to FastFind Data in Datawindows
    global type sle_uo_fast_find from singlelineedit
    end type
    end forward

    global type sle_uo_fast_find from singlelineedit
    integer width = 530
    integer height = 96
    integer textsize = -8
    integer weight = 400
    fontcharset fontcharset = ansi!
    fontpitch fontpitch = variable!
    fontfamily fontfamily = swiss!
    string facename = "MS Sans Serif"
    long textcolor = 33554432
    borderstyle borderstyle = stylelowered!
    event ue_edit_change pbm_enchange
    event ue_enter pbm_keydown
    end type
    global sle_uo_fast_find sle_uo_fast_find

    type variables
    Boolean          ib_fastfind = True, ib_quote[], ib_repeat, ib_select = True, ib_pfc
    Boolean          ib_MatchCase
    Integer          ii_colcount, ii_found
    String          is_colname[], is_start_any[]
    Datawindow     idw_Ref
    end variables

    forward prototypes
    public subroutine of_setfastfind (boolean ab_choice)
    public function integer of_registercol (string as_colname, string as_start_any)
    public subroutine of_setrowselect (boolean ab_rowselect)
    public function boolean of_setdw (ref datawindow adw_ref)
    public subroutine of_setmatchcase (boolean ab_matchcase)
    end prototypes

    event ue_edit_change;String     ls_text, ls_find
    Integer     li_len, li_i, li_start

    ls_text = This.Text
    li_len = Len(ls_text)

    If not ib_MatchCase Then ls_text = Upper(ls_text)

    If li_len <= 0 Then
         ii_found = 0
         ib_repeat = False
    //     Return
    End If

    // Generate the Find Expression
    For li_i = 1 To ii_colcount
         If is_start_any[li_i] = 'start' Then     // Look for entered text starting with
    //          If ib_quote[li_i] Then
              If ib_MatchCase Then
                   ls_find     =     ls_find + "Left(String(" + is_colname[li_i] + ")," +&
                                       String(li_len) + ") = '" + ls_text + "' Or "              
                   ls_find     =     ls_find + "Left(Upper(String(" + is_colname[li_i] + "))," +&
                                       String(li_len) + ") = '" + ls_text + "' Or "
              End If
    //          ElseIf IsNumber(ls_text) Then
    //               ls_find     =     ls_find + "Left(Upper(String(" + is_colname[li_i] + "))," +&
    //                                   String(li_len) + ") = " + ls_text + " Or "
    //          End If
         Else     // Look for entered text anywhere in the col data
              If ib_MatchCase Then
                   ls_find     =     ls_find + "Pos(String(" + is_colname[li_i] + "), '" +&
                                       ls_text + "', 1) > 0 Or "              
                   ls_find     =     ls_find + "Pos(Upper(String(" + is_colname[li_i] + ")), '" +&
                                       ls_text + "', 1) > 0 Or "
              End If
         End If

    // Trim the find expression to remove the " Or " sequence at the end.
    ls_find = Left(ls_find, Len(ls_find) - 4)

    If ib_repeat Then
         li_start = ii_found
         li_start = 0
    End If
    //MessageBox("find string", ls_find)
    ii_found     =     idw_ref.Find(ls_find, li_start + 1, idw_ref.RowCount())

    // If row is found, scroll to it
    If ii_found > 0 Then
         If ib_Select Then
              // Check if this is a pfc dw and if the row select service is turned on
              If ib_pfc Then
                   idw_Ref.Event RowFocusChanged(ii_found)
                   idw_Ref.SelectRow(0, False)
                   idw_Ref.SelectRow(ii_found, True)
              End If
         End If
    End If
    end event

    event ue_enter;If Key = KeyEnter! Then
         ib_repeat = True
         This.Event ue_Edit_Change()
         ib_repeat = False
    End If
    end event

    public subroutine of_setfastfind (boolean ab_choice);ib_FastFind = ab_choice
    end subroutine

    public function integer of_registercol (string as_colname, string as_start_any);String     ls_coltype
    Boolean     lb_quote

    // Possible Values for as_start_any are 'start', 'any' meaning, search for the reqd text
    // from the start or anywhere in between

    // There is no Reference to the Search DW, Call of_SetDW() first.
    If Not IsValid(idw_Ref) Then Return -1

    ls_coltype = Lower(Left(idw_ref.Describe(as_colname + ".ColType"),4))

    Choose Case ls_coltype
         Case 'char', 'date'
              lb_quote = True
         Case 'numb', 'long', 'int', 'deci', 'real'
              lb_quote = False
         Case Else
              Return -1
              // Either Invalid Column OR UnSupported Datatype.
              // This object can be changed to include required datatypes.
    End Choose

    ii_colcount ++

    is_colname[ii_colcount] = Lower(as_colname)
    ib_quote[ii_colcount] = lb_quote
    is_start_any[ii_colcount] = Lower(as_start_any)

    Return ii_colcount
    end function

    public subroutine of_setrowselect (boolean ab_rowselect);ib_select = ab_rowselect
    end subroutine

    public function boolean of_setdw (ref datawindow adw_ref);Boolean lb_return

    If IsValid(adw_ref) Then
         idw_Ref = adw_ref
         ib_pfc = (idw_Ref.TriggerEvent('pfc_descendant') = 1)
         lb_Return = True
    End If

    Return lb_Return

    end function

    public subroutine of_setmatchcase (boolean ab_matchcase);ib_MatchCase = ab_matchCase
    end subroutine

    on sle_uo_fast_find.create
    end on

    on sle_uo_fast_find.destroy
    end on

    event constructor;// AUTHOR:               gaf
    // OBJECT NAME:     sle_uo_fast_find
    // PURPOSE:               To search through datawindow columns for a text/number/date
    //     HOW TO USE:      1. Place this SLE userobject in any window/userobject
    //                              2. In THIS object's constructor (recommended) event...
    //                                        of_SetDW(search_dw)
    //                                        of_RegisterCol(column_name, search_type)
    //                                        of_SetRowSelect(boolean)
    //                              3. Call of_RegisterCol any number of times to include all
    //                                   searchable columns
    //                              4. The Search_Type can be - 'START' or 'ANY'
    //                              5. 'START' will search for data (in columns) that start with the text entered
    //                              6.     'ANY' will search for the entered text anywhere in column data
    //                              7. If the required text appears more than once in all rows, then hit
    //                                   'enter' key to loop through all occurences.
    //                              8. of_SetRowSelect() actually determines whether to select the row if the
    //                                   search criteria matches.
    //     LAST REVISED:     May 9, 2003 -

    end event

    ///////////////////code ends here/////////////////////

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