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Internet Backup

I have small bsuiness where order entry is done on-line...so absolutley critical that i have internet connection available 100%.....
IS the best way to deliver this in a small business scenario to have two internet connections - 1  as  standard and 1 as a backup?

If I do this should I have both conected and on at the same time through 2 nics...or one nic disbaled and enabled when needed?

I am running SBS 2003

(I have found 2 standard connections is far cheaper than a dedicted business line that has been offered to me)

any thoughts appreciated....
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1 Solution
You can have both enabled.

You will need to enable Routing and Remote access and add a single static route to the backup line with a metric ROUTE value of 200.

What this does is if you default route to your live link does down it will automatically switch over to the other route with a high metric value of 200.


route 1
route 200

This demonstrates your default route to this links goes down it looks at the other route to with a metric of 200.
Are you running a server that your customers must access?
scottyhydeAuthor Commented:
I am running a sever that employees must access - (so same thing really but only 1-2 employees and timframe of access is certain)

with respect to JoesMail comment

so I create assigned static Ip address with metric value higher than my main line?

firgive my ignorance but what do you mean by the assignments

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Where does the server reside in relationship to the employees?

The problem you will have is if you have a server that you host and your employees must use the Internet to access it.  You will have problem because using DSL/Cable modem type Internet connection you will have two unique IP address for each connection.  You employees will need to know which IP address to use when.
scottyhydeAuthor Commented:
good point
I currently use dns updater to update my dns address of my dynamic ip...it uses one of those detection web sites to determine....
I wonder how these react to two nics/ips?

would it matter?
as long as it got one and therefor my dns address was updated?
It would matter, unless you went to a business class ISP connection.

Say you have ISP#1 and ISP#2.  Your IP address from ISP#1 is and your IP address from ISP#2 is

The IP address will ONLY be routed through ISP#1 and it will route traffic to the router that connect you to them.  Now say that link goes down.  The Internet will still have and will still attempt to route you through ISP#1, but it will not be able to get there because that link is down.

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