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hi, i want to develop a web page that could support my native lagauage "nepali" and english so
to start with it
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Bernard S.Connect With a Mentor CTOCommented:
You should explore building everything in UTF-8
(Sorry, I do not know for Nepali. I've had some success with having on the same page native English, Greek, Russian and accented Occidental characters, I assume but I am not sure it will workfor Nepali as well).
When I say "everything", I mean it!
- your php pages should be UTF-8
- data in your MySQL database must be input and displayed UTF-8
- all your html and template files must be UTF-8
- (this is different) your html page must start with
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">

RECOMMENDED TOOL: I have been using as the "killing weapon" for all these utf-8 conversions the UltraEdit editor, since not all self-pretending utf-8 capable editors are. You can have a free trial version of ultra edit, free for some weeks: I strongly suggest you use it from the beginning to better see and appreciate how utf-8 is really handled around applications, and to test your usual tools against ultraedit
BEWARE 1: UTF-8 is sometimes referred to as "Unicode (UTF-8)". UTF-8 (with variable number of bytes per characters) is NOT the same as Unicode(which has 1 or 2 bytes per character).
BEWARE 2: while some applications MS Office allow to display several native Unicode characters on the same page or document, this is NOT the case with web pages, where you can have only ONE NATIVE code... (real) UTF-8 is the only one which accepts simultaneous displays of native russian and greek and..., 'cause these native codes will be part of "native UTF-8"
BEWARE 3: if you are using php with an IDE: Zend is OK and handles fine UTF-8, BUT in some cases I had to create/ translate to UTF-8 first with Ultraedit. I think I had troubles creating the files perfectly within Zend. On the other hand, phpedit from Nusphere, WHEN I tested it, did not work: it handled Unicode, but not UTF-8
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