When I boot my laptop it loads normally then proceeds to a blue screen that displays the following:

"A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.


Then it talks about removing any newly installed hardware and to restart my computer, and go into Safe Mode, etc.

It ends with:
"Technical Information:

***STOP: 0x000000ED (0x81F1E9E0, 0xC000009C, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)"

Going into Safe Mode, and doing the other options that may laptop gives such as using the last confgurations, safe mode with networking, starting normally, etc. just leads me to the blue screen.

I've seen this questions asked before on here, but I don't have a Windows XP CD to work with. My laptop came with system recoverty cds that only allow me to just reinstall my operating system (Windows XP) and delete all my data.

Any suggestions to help a computer novice solve this?

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(assuming you now have a bootable CD from ubcd4win)

You have to enter the BIOS Setup (usually by pressing the F1 or F2 key just after power on), then select Boot options, and set the "Boot Order" so that the CD comes before or above the hard drive in the boot order. Then reboot with the CD inserted, and it should start booting from the CD.
nobusbiljart fanCommented:
Look here :


if you do not have an XP cd, i would try hooking the drive to another PC as slave, and run a scan disk for errors on it.

To verify if your hardware is ok, download and burn the knoppix cd, then boot from it. if this runs ok, your hard is fine - and it lets you copy the data from the disk, even to USB devices.
If you have access to another computer, you can create a bootable CD (e.g. http://www.ubcd4win.com/) and boot from that and examine your disk for problems and whether your files are readable.

Alternately you can attach your laptop drive to another system (even a desktop with a 2.5" IDE adapter) and try to save your data.

If you no access to another system, remove the hard drive from the laptop and re-seat it, to rule out loose connections.
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Any suggestions to help a computer novice solve this?<< yes please take it to an expert. I think this is best.
It will be less stressful, have a higher chance of not losing  anything.
Repairing Laptops is just not simple and definately not for Novices.

What brand is your Laptop there, i  do have acces to the  recovery manuals
I would tend to agree with Merete on this one, if your not confident at opening up laptops and PCs to swap a drive.  I would recommend getting a pro in to do the job, you can even drop it into PCWorld and they'll do the job for about £50.  If you have access to another PC,a USB key drive and a CDWriter go for the bootable CD option as explained by nobus or r-k.  However either way you look at it, I think your going to be buying a new disk drive or other hardware to replace whats faulty.

Good luck.
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
This could happend for 2 reasons, The first that you might have edited your BIOS settings and changed the UDMA mode...

The basic input/output system (BIOS) settings are configured to force the faster UDMA modes.      
In the BIOS settings for your computer, load the 'Fail-Safe' default settings, and then reactivate the most frequently used options such as USB Support.

Or your NTFS file system has been corrupted and no longer recognized and cannot be mounted.
Download Recovery console and burn it to CD..

then restart the computer to the Recovery Console, and then use the chkdsk /r command to repair the volume. After you repair the volume, check your hardware to isolate the cause of the file system damage.

To do this, use the following steps:

upon restart keep pressing F8 to bring up the list of booting choices..
Then press R to goto the recovery console.
Type the administrator password when you are prompted to do so.
NOTE: If no administrator password exists, press ENTER.
At the command prompt, on the drive where Windows is installed, type chkdsk /r, and then press ENTER.      
When you finish type exit, and then press ENTER to restart your computer.

If this procedure does not work, repeat it and use the fixboot command in step 5 instead of the chkdsk /r command.

Good Luck
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
If you have this file "Pqv2i.sys" located into your Windows\system32 folder then try to rename it using Recovery Console.

FnaAuthor Commented:
@nobus i tried the knoppix idea, but it's in a different langauge

@r-k i burned that program you suggested from www.ubcd4win.com but i don't know how i can get it begin once i start my computer. it just leads me to the blue screen.

@merete you may be right, but i was just looking for a simple way in retrieving the data i have saved on my computer at the very least without having to pay someone to do it for me. my laptop is an HP by the way
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Am i visible ? lol
HP ihose to place the recovery mechanism on the hard drive in a 4GB partition that most consumers would find nearly impossible to delete by accident. Recovery, then, would come from software already installed on the PC rather than from a separate CD.

But since last week, Pavilion owners have been able to order a recovery CD from HP for around $10.

HP 3000 Manuals

Compaq Presario Notebook PCs - Using the Compaq Recovery CD

HP iPAQ hx2000 Pocket PC Series Bluetooth Firmware Update

RAID Data Recovery (4.31MB)
FnaAuthor Commented:
I finally got the boot cd that r-k suggested I burn to work. My laptop is up and running. Thanks for the assistance guys, you all actually had valuable input that I'm sure would've repaired my problem, but r-k just had the solution most convenient for me I guess. Not sure how I would justify it, but his solution worked. Thanks everyone.
well done Fna  novice level upgraded to amature heheheheh
Glad to hear. Thanks and good luck.
nobusbiljart fanCommented:
>>  @nobus i tried the knoppix idea, but it's in a different langauge  <<  just hit the american flag
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