Windows Server 2003 Compatible PCMCIA or USB 10/100/1000 Network Adapter

Would anybody be able to tell me which model of the above mentioned piece of hardware is definately compatible with Windows Server 2003.
I have a Sony Vaio which I have loaded Windows 2003 Server onto but cannot find the integarted network card driver which Server 2003 Accepts.
next option would be the pcmcia or usb option.
I have checked the 2003 compatibility list but cannot find anything, maybe i overlooked but i do know that the list is never 100% up to date.

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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
@ianintarr....I gave you bad dope...and came across this....'ll need to use a standard computer system.
Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
There's no driver for your Vaio (W2K3).

Get a 3COM/LINKSYS/NETGEAR PCMCIA card, that way you keep your USB port free.
iaintarrAuthor Commented:
could you give me a model, i have checked compatibility with them and the websites do not provide 2003 compatible drivers for the usb or pcmcia versions.
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iaintarrAuthor Commented:
I cant believe in this diverse world of IT equipment that there is not a usb or pcmcia card which does not work with 2003.

im just asking if anyone who has been in a similar circumstance if they have used a card as mentioned above.

To say cant in IT is a big mistake, cos its just a world of "can".

if not, im just going to have to convert the Xp driver
Why not get a card reader?
iaintarrAuthor Commented:
what sort of card reader are you proposing?
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