sfc error insert your windows xp professional CD2 now

HI All

Trying to run SFC in Windows XP Media Center. Typed sfc /scannow in the run box while the first setup disk for XP media center was in the optical drive. It ran for a good long time and then prompted me to " insert your Windows XP professional CD2 now. I don't think Windows XP PRO has a disk 2 so I assumed it wanted the disk 2 for Media Center. Now it says "the CD you provided is the wrong CD"
"Please insert the Windows XP professional CD2 into your CD-Rom drive".

I have removed all bugs and nasties from this system, including entries discovered with Hi-Jack this.

Thanks ahead of time for the good advice.

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Chris BRetiredCommented:
That would be SP2 not CD2. If SP2 was added after installation you will find it difficult to get sfc to run correctly. You really need to slipstream your XP (SP1) disk with SP2. Google Autostreamer. Easy.

Chris B
You are prompted to insert a Windows XP SP2 CD when you try to run the System File Checker tool on a Windows XP SP2-based computer:
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
I agree with burrcm ,, Check this link...

Or something else, you can copy the I386 Folder from your CD to C drive and then edit the registry so the sfc command will look into the folder you have copied and won't prompt you at all..

SFC assumes the original files are in the location stated in registry value below

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Setup \ SourcePath.

Change it to make it c:\i386 or to the folder where you have copied the I386...

Good luck

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clintstewartAuthor Commented:
Please read carefully !!
It's prompting me to "Please insert the Windows XP professional CD2 into your CD-Rom drive".
The key word here is PROFESSIONAL not SP2 or HOME.
But I think the link sramesh2k has some additional info at the bottom thaty may be helpful.
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Change the reg value for the source path after copying the I386 folder of the Original CD for your Win XP to C Drive and try again.

This should fix it.

>> It's prompting me to "Please insert the Windows XP professional CD2 into your CD-Rom drive".

Yes, that's the case in my XP Home system as well, where the i386 folder is missing. I noticed this "bug" 3 years back when I was working as a tech support lead. Mentioning the source path (CD-ROM) was enough to fix the problem. If not, copy the i386 folder from the CD to C:\Windows folder.

clintstewartAuthor Commented:
Sorry but none of the methods worked, and I decided to format & reload the OS. Not sure how to do the points, if at all, so I will leave it to the powers that be.

Thanks for all the help,
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
You can split, or Refund points by asking in the community support area with a link of this questions..!
This is found often with XP Media Center 2005.  It is indeed asking for CD #2 about 98% of the way complete.  You must edit the registry location for the windows installation to point to a complete directory of the almost 1GB I386 folder that media center has to offer.  Clcik retry and the registry should point windows in the right direction.
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