vpn conection

I can log in to the server sbs but i can se anything

i dont get acces to any drives

and the internet goes down on the client
client runs win xp sp2

Best regard
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From a Dos prompt type iconfig
Once you're connected to the vpn you should see two entries your local lan and your vpn connection.
Make sure you're on a different subnet.

To access a server once you're connected via vpn you can go to "My Computer" and in the address location type the target in this format:

Even if browsing the network doesn't work when you're connected you should be able to type in the computer name or ip address and connect.
Robberbaron (robr)Commented:
need a better description....

1/ Are you using a workstation not at the server itself ?
2/ Define "can log in to server". You mean logon to the workstation using a domain user account  ?
3/ You added the workstation to the domain using the //server/connectcomputer wizard ?
4/ Which drives are you trying to access. I assume Server shares ?  How are you mapping to these shares ?

5/ Drives & Internet is probably not available because you havent authenticated properly to the domain.
OttoesAuthor Commented:
I am using vpn from home to connect to my sbs 2003 at my office i have to work from home to

and i can log in but i cant do anything no hd drives to se
I have also some questions..
1. Are trying to do remote desktop on the server ?
2. You mean that you cann't see the drives of your local machine while you are connected on the server, or the server's drives?

Also when vpn on a machine windows conflicts the default gateways and that's why you have internet down on the client.

Hope this helps..
Robberbaron (robr)Commented:
I do use a VPN occasionally. And as g127404 notes, i had to set my home router DHCP to give out a different address range than the office DHCP.

post yopur IPCONFIG /ALL here.

I have created a DOS batch file that i run after connecting that basically does a number of
NET USE J: \\office1\JOBS  commands

to connect a (std) drive letter to the office file shares.

If the gateways are setup correctly at each end, then internet browsing can happen across the VPN , but noticably slower. We have a hardware VPN at the office rather than connect to the SBS as the VPN setup pre-dates SBS installation.
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