GAL auto update on Trusted domains

Hi to all

In our company we have 3 domain's ( BinaCE.local , Bina2nd.local & Bina3rd.local ) that connected together via RAS and trust each other and every one have it's own exchange server 2003 with SP2.

now i want to GAL in each echange server automatically update from other servers and have all users in other domain in every GAL of each server and users. please tell me deailed about it!

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Abulhallaj unfortunately i cant.....
Inter-organization tool can be used to update GAL if u export all ur GAL in to a public folder (that is the trick)...

there is a simpler method(if u have VPN between the sites) an outlook client
(in ur profile) add a NEW DIRECTORY (internet directory service=LDAP) and
point it to the DC in another domain(in ur case u should add two LDAP service since u have two other forests)...
now when u open ur address book and click on the name u have given to the
connection u will be able to see all the entries in the GAL.....
this a much better and simpler method but as i said u need site -to-site VPN connection and u must configure each client individually or through a script....
it is not that easy...and the reason is the limitation of exchange and active directory.....
so u will either do it manually....exporting and importing contacts and users from domain and importing it in to another(ur problem is a bit more complicated since u have to maintain a sync between three domains)....
or a third party tool....something like MS MIIS...or i think quest software may also have one....
u can also take a look at this one

or this

AbulhallajAuthor Commented:
I know MIIS can do it for me, but it's a hard jub that try to learn and install & config it!

and about Microsoft Exchange Server Inter-Organization Replication (your 3rd link) i try to use it and work on it about 8 houres but don't find any method for update GAL, it's only can update public folders and busy status. i think it's the simplest  way to do it.

and in other hand if you can show me the way to update GAL manually let me know.
AbulhallajAuthor Commented:
Thanks the secound method (Inernet Directory Service) is very usefull but it load the every time you need to use. So after all of this i Decided to use MIIS becuse we have Live Communication Server in our organization and it's need to join that toghather.

Thnaks for your helP.
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