Migrate from Microsoft DNS to Linux Dns

Hi Experts....

I´m currently working in a project regarding move all dns zone running in windows 2000 to two linux servers (one primary, one secondary) running bind or other dns server.

Does anyone knows a way to do this migration ?

Any hints will be very apreciate...

Best Regard´s
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wnrossConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Actually an easier way to grab the data is to set up your linux box as a secondary:

Add lines like these to your /etc/named.conf files
zone "somedomain.com" { type slave; file "zone.somedomain.com"; masters { 16.xx.xx.xx; }; };
zone "otherdomain.com" { type slave; file "zone.otherdomain.com"; masters { 16.xx.xx.xx; }; };

Now restart bind, and watch for errors, if all goes well, the zone files will be created in the correct format automatically.
Stop bind and modify /etc/named.conf
zone "somedomain.com" { type master; file "zone.somedomain.com"; notify yes; };
zone "otherdomain.com" { type master; file "zone.otherdomain.com"; notify yes; };

Congrats: You are migrated with practically no effort.

once you get the linux servers functioning...you can get the data out of the windows servers by looking here:


I'm not sure if those files are in bind format, but you can tweak them if not. Then you'll just have to update the ip's of the nameservers with your registrar (if this is public dns) or update them in DHCP if they are the client resolvers also.
tulliocAuthor Commented:
Hi wnross,

Great! Your tutorial works fine. Thanks a Lot. Enjoy your points!
Thanks tulloc
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