ADMT Computer Migration Permissions

I am migrating the computer accounts from one windows 2000 domain, (domain A), across to different 2003 domain in its own right, (domain B).

The problem is the computers in domain A have Domain Admins as part of the local Administrators group.  However the ADMT tool is being ran from a user account in domain B.

The problem is ADMT cannot attach to the ADMIN$ share on the clients PC's in domain A because the user account running ADMT isnt a member of the local administrators group.  I've tried to add the user in domain B to the Domains Admin group in domain A but it will not let me.

How do I give the admin account in domain B access to the admin$ on the client PC's in domain A.  Remember I have 250 PC's so going round them all isnt an option.

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Netman66Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't.

Create an account in Domain A and add it to the Domain Admins group in that domain.

Run the ADMT tool with that account.

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