My Windows Firewall Exceptions were removed automatically in SBS 2003 domain environment.

In the past we have been able to setup local port exceptions for windows firewall from the client pc.  We are all administrators in a small 4 person office.  On Friday 5/26/06, we set up 3 local port exceptions on 3 client pcs to try out our new antivirus software.  The software is a product by Grisoft.  After configuring the local ports, definitions were downloaded, and everything was working fine.

We came in Tuesday morning and on two of the pcs, all of the exceptions had been removed.  One pc still had two of the exceptions left, but one had been removed.

I checked our Small Business Server Window Firewall Group Policy to make sure that local exceptions were still allowed, and they are.  Anyone know what happened, or what might have happened?

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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyConnect With a Mentor Principal ConsultantCommented:
Most likely your AV program is quarantining your security files or some such thing.  AVG is not a supported SBS Antivirus program.  You really should get one that is recommended for an SBS environment.

A little more information is required:

How did you connect these mahines to the server? Are they part of the domain?
Are you seeing this when connected to the domain or when away from the office?
Are there any errors in the event logs?

David Houston
compsol1993Author Commented:
Sorry about the vague post.  The client pcs are part of a domain.  Two were connected an logged into windows all weekend, one was logged out, but still turned on.  Nothing odd in the event logs.
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