Cannot find working printer driver

I'm trying to install a HP 550c printer to a win98 computer.  I have gone to website(s), downloaded several different drivers for HP550c win98OS and they don't work.  I need a working printer driver.  

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You can use the 500c driver, you should find it works fine, but both the 500c and 550c drivers are incorporated within windows 98, either from the cd or select from within the ass new printer wizzard.

1:In Windows Me, click Start, Settings, and Printers.
2:Double-click Add Printer.
3:Click Next.
4:Select Local Printer, then click Next.
5:In the Manufacturer List, choose HP.
6:In the printer list, choose the model of the printer, then click Next.
7:Choose the port (usually LPT1), and click Next.
8:Select Yes if this printer is to be the default printer, or select No if this printer is to handle only selected print jobs,
   then click Next to continue.
9:Select Yes to print a test page, then click Finish.
10:If asked for a Windows disk (see Figure 1), insert the disk if you have it, or see the instructions below.
Figure 1: Insert Windows disk message

  If asked for a Windows disk, insert the appropriate Windows or PC recovery disk, click OK and follow the instructions
  on the screen. Once the installation is finished, the printer will be listed in the Printers window (Click Start, Settings,
  then Printers).
NOTE:  If prompted for a disc, use the Windows CD or the recovery CD that shipped with the computer. If you do not
            have the CD, follow the instructions below.  

11:Close the Printers window, and try printing.
The rest of the hp webpage details how to find the files without a 98se disc:

"Searching for the files on the hard drive
Click Start, Find, then click Files and Folders.
In the Named field of the Find window, type *.cab, then click Find Now.
If the files are on the hard drive, they will appear in the list of files generated by the search.
Look for files named or where the xx is a number such as 01, 02, 03,
If you find these files, write down the name of the folder where they are stored, and click Close.
If you do not find the files, the Windows Installation files are not on your hard drive. You will need to obtain a Windows Installation disk from the computer manufacturer.
Installing the printer with the files found on the hard drive
In Windows Me, click Start, Settings, and Printers.
Double-click Add Printer.
Click Next.
Select Local Printer, then click Next.
On the screen with the Manufacturers and Printers lists, click Have Disk.
On the Install From Disk window, click Browse.
Find the cab files found in step 3 above.
Click OK.
Follow the on-screen instructions."

If neither method enables your printer, the issue may be hardware related, or corrupt o/s files.
dangeloeAuthor Commented:
You are correct, it was a hardware problem?  Thank you for responding so quickly.
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