iSCSI in a routed environment

Just a quick question .......

Does the iSCSI specification allow for iSCSI data transmission and retrieval across routed networks ?


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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I don't see why it would be a problem, technically.  As long as your router/switch was fast.
ccfcfcAuthor Commented:
I was just wondering what the official line is on the spec, as the HP StorageWorks 1510i only allows management access to storage through a router. Data access is restricted to the same subnet only.

The reason given for this is that the CRC will change as the encapsulated SCSI commands go through a router, but I would have thought that the spec was written in such a way as to handle that situation ?

Hi there,

iSCSI does support being routed across an IP network, even the internet. The limitation is of course the impact of latency that this might introduce.

From the iSCSI RFC:

iSCSI will support the following topologies:
-- Point-to-point direct connections
-- Dedicated storage LAN, consisting of one or more LAN segments
-- Shared LAN, carrying a mix of traditional LAN traffic plus
storage traffic
-- LAN-to-WAN extension using IP routers or carrier-provided "IP
-- Private networks and the public Internet

HP probably recommend data access on the same subnet just as  a means of forcing a low-latency connection.

Hope that helps.

gcaley is correct. iSCSI does support routed networking. However, if you have one manufacturer's iSCSI cards and they and wish to have fast support then it is often wise to stick to their recommendations. I imagine that HP have only tested extensively in an unrouted network.

perhaps someone could help me with my issue?

recommendations are to have the SAN on a separate network as far as i've read, so how do i set thjs up to have the SAN on a separate network, with access for exchange and the management console to the SAN and 10.10.0.x network?

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