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Hi Experts:

I looking for a simple helpdesk ticket tracking system. Things like online Chat and user log-on to helpdesk are not required since issues will be entered by helpdesk personnel or by Email Parsing (auto ticket generation).
I've been out to many helpdesk.. .com sites and saw some good stuff  but nothing that appears meet requirements:

1) Allow helpdesk personnel to open, close, edit and track problems to resolution and change status accordingly.
2) Provide Email Parsing (auto ticket generation)
3) Has Quick Pics including prefilled template forms
4) Provide a knowledge base.
5) Database SQL server , Oracle etc
6) Employ latest web technology and programming languages such as ASP.NET C#, JSP  etc...
7) Be flexible and allow custom coding of underlying source code if needed.
8) Caller log on may not be required and optional
9) Provide Quick Resolution email  as well as typical email notifications.
10) Include  LDAP hooks for typical user lookup information ( email address, phones etc...
11) A Nice ticket view modes and status controls
12) Typical management reporting - i.e. number of new,open, close tickets by group type, personnel
and other features .....

Does anyone know of a good system that will do most of the above.



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fridomConnect With a Mentor CEO/ProgrammerCommented:
Well why has it to use ASP.NET and JSP two unrelated technologies, (just bind together with the fact that one can use them for building web applications. It seems for your kind of tasks a more and more used system seems to be usefule it's called trac

MilanKMConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Tom,

For the exact specification ur looking for, I think currently it'll not be possible to search out due to lack of time. Anyways, just for a information, I know a good OpenSource. See the features:~ [FREE]

Anyways also take a snap at the following links...

UniSys Helpdesk:~
Support Plus:~

RSSIAdminAuthor Commented:
MilanKM.... Thanks for infomation.

Could you please link me to a few other helpdesk ticket tracking sites which employ ASP.NET, JSP etc

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