Remote Faxing / Printing

At home I have a Brother MFC-8440 Fax / Print device.

Would it be possible to set that up so that I can fax from it across the web?

How do I go about publishing that device?  No AD at home.  Just one machine... XP Pro Sp2.
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Can you explain in a little more detail what you are planning to do here? Are you trying to use your fax machine as Fax-Receive or Fax-Send? and if Fax-Send, to where?

One thing that might be helpful to note is that windows XP comes with a built-in fax capability. Meaning that you can install the Fax Service from the WindowsXP, and then use your computer as Fax machine (you have to connect it to the phone line). When someone sends you a fax, the fax is stored in the Fax Console as .tif file (each fax , one file ). On the other hand, when you want to send a fax, you would just print your page into the WindowsFax Printer (it's a virtual printer) and then it will ask you for name, number, conversheet,... and sends your fax.

If the above info does not answer your question please provide more details so that we can assist you better

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