Error backing up Exchange to Tape

I am running Exchange 6.5 on Windows 2003 server. I am doing backups to tape using backup exec 9.1. I keep getting "cyclic redundancy errors" and "incorrect function" errors. I have 3 drives on my exchange server, one with the database, one with the install and one with the address book and logs etc. Two of the three drives keep giving me these errors. I've verified that the permissions are correct, the tapes and drive are working properly. It appears that the exchange db is the only thing that doesn't back up. Any thoughts?
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mulshoeferConnect With a Mentor Commented:
According to Symantec incorrect function is
You said you inherited the mess, have you tired deleting the job and recreating it?
Veritas support is pretty good as long as you have a support contract with them.
First I'll ask the obvious and sorry for even asking.  Have you tried mutiple tapes?
Second have you tired backing up each of the drives indivudally instead of all at once?
Third can you backup to disc instead of tape?
Lastly what size is your data and what size is your tape?
syahnkeAuthor Commented:
I have tried many tapes and even checked to make sure the tapes were good.

I tried each drive individually. That's where I found I could backup certain drives, but not others, specifically the db.

If I can't fix by the end of the day, I'm going to go to disk somehow, but I don't have that as part of my backup option right now. (working on a new project to incorporate this, but I don't want to get caught with my pants down) I just inherited this mess.

The amount of data for all 3 drives is about 75 GB. I have old LTO 1s, but they should be more than sufficient.
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David_FongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like a problem with the Exchange agent. Go into setup and remove exchange support, then add it again, then reapply SP4a from veritas download site. This should reinstall the exchange agent properly. You should also exclude the Exchange DBs and logs from the file backup as these get backed up under the exchange selection and sometimes it fails to exclude the raw files automatically.
This error is often caused by bad hardware (Disk or tape drives). Does the program tell you which device these errors are occuring on?
syahnkeAuthor Commented:
Yes, it says its not able to write to the media, assuming that's the tape. I've tried several different tapes. I ran a successful backup to a good tape, then tried backing up the db, but it failed. I then tried the other backup again and it worked fine on the same tape.
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