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Arcserve 11.1 attempting to backup deleted folders.


Arcserve is trying to backup folders and mailboxes of users that were deleted last week.
How long does Arcserve attempt to backup these non-existant files after deletion.
Is there something on my end that I need to do after deleting folders?
The server is running Server 2003 Small Business Edition.
The backup still completes but we get alerts about these missing folders.

1 Solution
Take a look at how the job was setup. When selecting data to be backed up a tree view is presented. If the view was expanded and specific directories &/or files were selected or de-selected then that view of the tree is packaged into the job as a map of what is to be backed up.

If one of those directories or files is removed the job will continue to request it for backup.

The oposite is also true. If a new directory or file is added it will not be backed up.

the way around this is to not select specific data to be backed up. Select the whole drive and then use filters to exclude/include what you want.
TerraKeithAuthor Commented:
Great thank you !


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