Browser Freezes while loading XMLDoc

I have a XML document that is generated by the sever.
I also have a page that reads the XML document every 2 seconds and writes the contents into a DIV.

My question is why when it is loading the XML DOC will the browser window freeze? I would like to have a good refresh rate but more importantly I want the page to act normally even when it is reading the XML document. It currently runs on Firefox and IE but both browsers experience this hang up.


I would like to solve this ASAP.

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Maybe you are not giving the document enought time to finish loading?  Just at shot in the dark.  Does it load with out the refreshing every 2 secs? Are you using AJAX to read the server?
EazyWorksAuthor Commented:
I am loading the XML with Javascript using the new ActiveXObject but for some reason when it is loading the xml the browser hangs until it finishes loading.
The JavaScript is calling a http document from the server that is formatted in XML.
EazyWorksAuthor Commented:
The problem is when the Page is being loaded all other JavaScript and even the browser stops responding. How would I tell JavaScript to run a process in parallel and not stop all other processes?
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