Request ServerVariables from ASP.Net (VB) after a Flash redirect

I have page1.aspx with a flash object on it.  The flash performs a simple redirect to page2.aspx like below...


Now from page2.aspx I want to get the url where the user came from like so...


However, when the redirect is made from the flash object Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_REFERER") on page2.aspx returns nothing.  The ASP.Net code is correct as I have used this numerous times in the past and when I use a simple HTML link to page2.aspx I am able to get the url.

Any ideas???  If not, does anyone know how to do something similar to Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_REFERER") with actionscript in flash?

Thanks in advance!
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BuffonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
then pass the url in page1.aspx via FlashVars to swf and then do getURL with this variable.
you can pass it as parameter:

getURL("page2.aspx?url=" + _root._url);

is it good enough?
williamwatkinsAuthor Commented:

That does work, however, I didn't give enough information on the problem.

page1.aspx is hosted on Server1
the flash object is hosted on Server2 (flash.swf)
Flash.swf is simply EMBED on page1.aspx

The problem is when I use getURL("page2.aspx?url=" + _root._url); I get the url of where the flash object is stored on server2 instead of the url of page1.aspx on Server1 which is what I'm looking for.

Hopefully this makes sense?

Thanks for the help!
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