Cant goto company website

I had an Windows SBS 2003 server, the website is hosted by an external ISP and emails are MX into the offices Exchange 2003, the only problem is when the users try to access their own website, ie., they will get page not found, the only way I could figure out to work is to modify the hosts file and map the IP directly to the web address

Is there something I could do on the DNS server to take control of this ? as beforer they only had 5 PC and now its growing so modify each one is becoming a pain.

Many thanks
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Yes, it seems that you have named your internal Windows domain the same as your Internet Registered Domain name.  

Therefore, you can add a WWW "A" record in your internal Windows 200x DNS server.  Go to your DNs console, and under your forward lookup zone, add an A record...with the IP address of the web server.  The name of the A record should be WWW

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