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I have several programs that I need to make backups of and my question is this:

How do I write an ini file (I think) that will auto insert the  program key (A Known key) into the program so that when I install the program the key will automatically be inserted in the text boxes provided that request the key?

Any help Very Much Appreciated!


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Depends on the application, not all apps support this.
Most MS applications do.
If this is available for the applications you have there should be a section in the installation instructions/documentation on creating a scripted or unattended installation.  This should tell you how to create the file that is needed and how to set up a batch file, or something similar, to execute the install program and access the file contents (could be automatic if the name of the file is defaulted ... a little cludgy/dangerous ... you wouldn't be able to run the install WITHOUT it if they do this and you then try to run it from a CD)
I would suggest a macro...AutoHotKeys is a good scripting language for these types of scripts...
You will need to modify the autorun.ini or the autorun.bat to include the  'KEY' script to run before installation...
It can then sit and wait for a window(WinWait command) with a matching title bar to appear, and when it does it can insert the text into a given box or boxes and then click on continue for will require a little finnagling to get it just right, as macros depend on the use of mouse coordinates, etc. to perform click/text insert functions.
However it is a pretty easy language to learn(took me a day or two), and quite useful...

Hope this helps...

Am I missing something here?  How about using an unattended install using an answer file?

That would work too...offer a more in depth instruction for cj_1969, then he can choose which way to go...

"an unattended install using an answer file"

that only works for windows, it does not work for most other applications.  

The long and short is that there is NO universal way to do this for all applications.
It totally depends on the APP as to what you can and cannot do, and by the time you research all apps....
Well, it is simpler and quicker just to type in the needed data, unless you have 100+ installs to do...
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