User's My Documents redirect is empty, but the files exist on the server

Hi I have a mobile user that is set-up with their My Documents folder redirected to a server. The are using offline files to syncronize between the two.

The other day they started complaining that their My Documents folder was empty. When they click on the My Documents Icon on their desktop it is empty, however if I look on the server \home\username\my documents all the files are there...
He is out of town connecting through our VPN.

We are on a Windows 2003 domain and he is on a Windows XP laptop.

Also I'm not sure if this is related or not, but sometimes our users cannot browse any network shares until they synchronize... I dont know if this is normal but occasionally when they try to view files in a network share the share will be empty, then if they synchronize the files will show up.
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JoeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try and go into My Computer and go to the top tool bar and select tools folder options click offline files and check the settings on there to make sure everything is set how it should be.


what errors does your client report? is he able to manually sync his my docs folder across the VPN?
Mad_JasperConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On the server, does a "My Documents" folder exist in his files?

When we upgraded to 2003 two years ago, the teachers here nearly had a heart attack because all of the documents were missing in their "My Documents" folder. I discovered that a "My Documents" folder was created in their personal folders on the server. If they backed up one folder level, everything was there.

I changed a setting in Group Policy and that solved the problem.

Under the target folder location I chose, "Create a folder for each user under the root path"

Under root path, I chose the folder that contains all of the user shared folders.
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FCCCHURCHAuthor Commented:
No the files are all there in the right spot,

They just don't show up unless he synchronizes...

It's the same with other network files as well...
Jay_Jay70Connect With a Mentor Commented:
and this is only happening over VPN.... locally you would have no issues yeah?
FCCCHURCHAuthor Commented:
No it happens locally as well. On both laptops and desktops.

It doesnt happen very often but when it does the users freak out because their files are missing, so i tell them to synchronize and voila they are back.
just o confirm, you created this with group policy yes?
FCCCHURCHAuthor Commented:
correct, we are using group policy on a Windows 2003 domain with Active Directory.

All users are running Windows XP Pro
hmm that has me stumped then, i have never seen it not work unless there is some kind of DNS setting that is out, besides that, if the policy is taking effect i cannot think of anything
FCCCHURCHAuthor Commented:
The user has returned an it Turns out that his My Documents folder was redirected somehow to a local location...

I'm still trying to figure out why this happened. He has logged alot of 1054 errors in the event log which deal with communication problems to the domain controller. Though I can ping and apply policies fine...

This seems to fall under a new questions, thanks for the help everyone. I will split points.
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