Full backup of SCO unix 5.0.5 running on compaq proline 7000 server

Hello all,

I wanted to schedule a backup plan on our Compaq servers which runs SCO 5.0.5. I have joined the organisation newly. Backup plans were not good at present.

Can any one help me in this regard.

1 . need a script to take full system(root) backup
2. need a script to take incremental backup

i would appreciate your input.

waiting for u r mail.

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the SCO version of tar is no good for system level backup, you need to use cpio to do the job.

For full system level backup you can do:
   find / -print | cpio -oacv -O /dev/yourtapedevicename

   use relative path:
   cd /
   find . -print | cpio -oacv -O /dev/yourtapedevicename
   will backup everything on you hard drive.

for normal databackup you can use tar.

If you want to backup your data to another machine you can use "rsync" (free
third party app) to do the job, have a look at:
for more details.

(do a search on the web you might be able to find the binary package for SCO).

Since we don't know where your application data  located, could not give you
the exact advice for daily data backup.

You only need to perform a full backup after you add new application, patch, or change hardware, kernel etc.

You need to backup your data daily, at least one a week, it depends how important the data means to you.
you can use tar

to do the full backup:

cd yourdir
tar -cv * -f /tmp/example.tar

you can also copy to tape

tar also can do incremental backup.
see man tar
(my OS is not sco, so i´m not sure the flags are
the same).
I'd suggest having a look at www.rsnapshot.org.

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As far as I'm aware SCO 5 cpio cannot handle files greater than 2.0GB - just in case you have some!!

Before you try your scripts you might like to play with 'scoadmin' or 'sysadmsh', depending on what's loaded - I thought you could schedule a backup through either of these tools. Although behind the scenes they still use cpio or tar.

>>As far as I'm aware SCO 5 cpio cannot handle files greater than 2.0GB - just in case you have some!!

I have used for sigle file > 8.0 GB in the middle 90s with HTFS and DTFS file system. EAFS, and AFS has a 2GB limited.

sysadmsh --> for older then SCO 5.x

scoadmin -> SCO 5.x and newer!
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