Monitoring Employee Web Usage

Can anyone recommend a decent and affordable package for analyzing employee web usage statistics?  My boss wants weekly detailed reports that show:

-Frequently visited web sites for all users
-Number of 'hits' per website
-Amount of time spent on a given website
-Any additional info is an added plus

We are running Windows 2003 SBS with ISA Server...but apparently ISA doesn't allow you to really customize the web usage reports.  I've sent my boss the automated reports that ISA generates, and he wants more detail.  So I'm looking at buying something affordable and easy to set up.  We have between 15-20 users/workstations.  Any suggestions?

Thanks in adavance.
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Many software listed for isa reporting.

Please choose which suits you need.

Depending on what your budget is, and what technology you already have, I would suggest a firewall/router that includes Web-Usage Monitoring in it's Syslog functions...
Sonicwall offers a product with it's firewalls that is called Viewpoint(though it can be a little gimpy), and I am sure if you look around the other companies offer something comparable...

I hope this helps,

Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:

Installed LAn suite and create the computer or user account it help yu which computer or user use  more bandwidth.
I am also using for it but configurtion some difficult but i think you have to done.

You can also install the 602LAnsuite for it show computer bandwidth uses

and other Good and popular Network Analyzer
i will recommend u to install Isa server. There is a builtin function in isa which creates report if that doesn't fulfil ur requirement just install this software integrated with isa
hope it will help u
another website usage monitoring software: 
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