Printer under user profile (specifically HP8100n PCL)

We routinely install printers of various makes and models.  From within my domain admin account, how do I take an installed printer under one profile and make it available to another profile?
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It depends.

If you're talking about 1 computer you could add it as a TCP/Ip printer thereby making it a locally installed printer.

If you're talking about multiple computers, you could add a script to automatically install the printers when you log on (I tend to have the script make a folder called DELETEPRINTERINSTALL-- if it exists, the script is set to bypass the install).

the command to install printers is:

START  \\SERVERName\PrinterName /Y
tedpennerAuthor Commented:
We do all our administering of PCs by remote.  All printers are on a print server.  When I am logged in as Admin, I want to make a printer available to a user who is not available to log in at that particular time.
I guess I don't understand why I received a 'C' grade.  

Installing the printer as a Local TCP/IP printer will do everything you're asking for as will installing the printer based on a log in script for that particular user.  

Both were solutions to the problem you were presenting.  Can you please explain in greater detail what you're trying to do?  

Both solutions will add the printer as an installed printer for the user when they log on.  .  .
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