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Need a HP garu to help me decide on which printers to keep

Here are the2  HP printers I currently have hooked up to my 2 systems (and another 2 HP Printers in the closet):

HP 5510 All In One hooked up to System 1
HP 5150 Deskjet  hooked up to System 2
HP Photosmart 7550 sitting in the closet
HP Photosmart P1000 sitting in the closet

I am pretty sure the HP Photosmart P1000 is the oldest and I remember it printing very good color pictures.
I am not sure about the HP Photosmart 7550.  

Can anyone tell me your thoughts on these printers (especialy the ones in the closet)?

Thanks in advance,

2 Solutions
The 7550 is discontinued.  Might be tough to support if parts break, etc.  I am not a big fan of "All-In-One" printers but they are getting better.  I have a couple of 5150s in the building and they seem to be OK.  No complaints anyway.  Have one P1000 and it too has also been very reliable.
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
I presume you're looking for a "guru" and not a "garu" -- whatever that is :-)
Not sure I fit either of those descriptors, but I have used a lot of HP printers :-)    (I currently use an Officejet 7310)

Well ... you have an interesting collection of printers.   Let's look at these a bit at a time ...

Of the two "in the closet" printers, the Photosmart 7550 is much better than the P1000.

The 7550 is a nice printer, and has a higher color resolution (2400x1200) than the 5150.   The 5150 is rated slightly faster (19 vs 17 ppm B&W); and both support borderless printing.   Tough call => I'd just use whichever you prefer -- but from a pure specifications perspective the 7550 is "better."

The 5510 is providing a lot more than just printing services with its fax, copy, and scanning features.  It's also got the highest-rated color print resolution (4800 x 1200) of any of your printers, but is rated as slightly slower than the 5150 (probably not enough different to notice).

I'd say your current setup is fine.   You might want to "experiment" by swapping the 5150 & 7550 just to see what you think ==> print a few pages with each, and perhaps a couple of photographs.

... but since the 5150, 7550, and 5510 all use the same cartridges, the output should be extremely similar (remember the HP print cartridges include the print head).   The only real difference in these is the 5150 and 7550 support the photo cartridge, so they will do a better job of printing high quality photographs (if you use the photo cartridge).

bob733Author Commented:
As always Gary.... right on the price and right on the money.

100 to you and 25 to andre as he was kind enough to help

As always, thanks


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